Kingdom trial - Troops evoked have no traits

So fighting my way up Vulpacea trials.

I’d like to buy Vulpphire Hunter to upgrade it but I can’t since it costs ONE MILLION GEMS and this issue is not been addressed and it will not, since this pesky problem will go away coming Monday.

Anyway since our opponents can evoke Lycantropy gems I find myself with a Tomb Spider in the team.

My Tomb Spider is fully traited. The one I evoke it’s not.

I somehow don’t think it’s a bug, by the way.

Troops transformed by way of Lycanthropy haven’t had traits in forever. That’s not “the devs being jerks”, it could only really be defined that way if non-traited troops as the result of Lycanthropy was unique to this game mode.

Maybe it shouldn’t be this way, but that’s a completely different discussion.

The “1 million gems” offer is actually intentional - but not for the reason you may be thinking:

It’s a valid criticism how the design team forgot to check for this BEFORE beta testing.

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Yes I know, but whatever reason there was, it doesn’t allow to buy a troop I need for the very challenge offering it.

Then you should have purchased it when it was in the Kingdom Pass. - The Devs

But seriously, the fact that we are being forced to use a troop that was only available if you bought the upgraded Kingdom Pass and isn’t even available in the chests yet is complete bullshit.

Then in normal fashion, like with every update, this update is released broken, and you can’t even purchase the troop if you wanted to. This just goes to show that the devs not only don’t test anything but don’t even play their own game.


I’m in the same boat. I want to buy it as I don’t have it and having it untrained in my team is an even further disadvantage. That and I hadn’t done any of the challenges yet, which I guess is my fault. However, there was no heads up they were going away

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