6.9 Update - Issue with Trial Offer Purchases

Hello Adventures,

I’m just jumping in to let you all know about an issue we discovered in 6.9 (and have a temporary fix for).

We discovered that the new Trial Offer and Epic Trial Offers are not popping up the confirmation windows (for spending gems) as offers do in other places, when spending gems.

To prevent anyone unintentionally spending Gems on the offers, we have temporarily increased the cost to a high amount (1,000,000 gems) to stop this happening. We’re not really expecting you to spend that many gems!

Unfortunately we were not able to turn off this offer, so that was the best solution on short notice.

We will be looking to release a proper fix soon and will return the cost to normal once that is released.

Update: 9/05/2023

  • Global compensation will be going out in the next 24 hours on all platforms except Switch who will be getting the hotfix and compensation later in the week"

So. What about those of us who saw the error message “not enough gems” when trying to purchase a 200 gem offer, the epic quest battles now done, so we won’t be able to trigger the offer again. Can we get the extra copies of the pet somehow? Without waiting a year before another Vulpacea week?


I’d like to know that too

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Will there be retroactive offers for the extra copies if epic trials are all completed before fix is in place?

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Meh, we will probably get 50 gems for our inconvenience. If even.


Let them breath and figure this out. They will come up with something. They always do.


Isn’t the beta for testing things like those?


The paying customers are the beta testers now, every company is doing this. Why pay for a beta testing team when the masses can do it for free instead?


We have met the beta, and they are us.


So, instead of refunding gems to people that accidentally clicked on the buy offer button, you now have to find a way to again give people the popup to buy a pet offer they could not buy at first for a million gems??? That sounds like way more problems than refunding some gems…What kind of idiotic fix is this?? I’m not following the logic behind this


that’s the way of infinity+two living


Infinity+two = The amount of bugs released these days.


Once again, it feels that literally no testing was actually done before releasing an update and once again the devs break the game and make things worse.


I was able to actually beat the god-forsaken trials in blighted lands and it made me once again realize that the developers DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME AT ALL. The only way I was able to beat level 350 enemies was putting baphomet up front, casting lucifrira to burn everyone, and then praying for skulls to fall that we cannot even create.

Sorry for sounding blunt, but we at least need to choose what troops to use for these trials so we can try our own unique teams or ask other people in the community for new ideas for help.

I could care less about not being able to buy the crystal Pets in this game mode. Waste of gems and am thankful I never have to do these trials in blighted lands ever again.

Like others have said, it’s the nightmare of pure factions all over again. Guess what? They’re back and they are no good, horrible, absolute monstrosities of RNG that are absolute garbage with little recognition of how much “luck” a player needs to actually win.

(Btw, switch players got kingdom crashers messed up as well) What a mess…:dizzy_face:


This fix is bizarre. On the off chance somebody mistakenly purchases the pet, you’re preventing anybody from buying it, which means now it’s impossible for anybody getting the 1 million gem offer to max out the pet? This is just going to cause more problems than you’re trying to fix.


So now I can’t upgrade the pet to max because I lost the opportunity to buy 5 pets because of the 1M gem offer, and the 200 gem offer will never trigger again.


The trainwreck is even worse than this, XBOX players can’t even access their settings or chat.

At least they didn’t release the patch on Friday and went home for the weekend this time.


I also interested how about pets copies for broken purchase in completed battle.
And as QA engineer (not in Infinity) I feel shame for this update.


Just got this still

Oh wait, this is not the bug, it’s the fix! :woman_facepalming: