Kingdom Leveling Spreadsheet

I posted this on my guild’s discord and thought it might be helpful to other newer players as well. For kingdom leveling, this spreadsheet keeps track of what needs to be done and how much it will cost. It helped me by being able to see my goals as well as prioritizing which kingdoms to do first. Priorities are set based on recommended leveling order though you can customize them to what you would like.

To make changes, you will have to download or make a copy to your google drive. Only fields that need to be changed are your kingdom levels and priority (optional).


Wow…I was looking for this. But the file seems to have been removed or misplaced. Would you share it again? Thanks.

Thanks for the file. I have my kingdoms at level 10 already. Thought this was a template that enables us to keep track of what’s up with our kingdoms. All in one page and one view.

I could share this with some of the beginning guildmates.