Kingdom Bonuses (and something else possibly related)


Prior to 1.07, I did not have any kingdoms at 10. Due to my complete inability to get legendary troops (I think I have 5 in probably 500+ chests opened), I didn’t have anything at 10. My home kingdom was Khaziel, at 9. I have sinced switched to Stormheim (for no particular reason) and both are at 10. I do not, however, get any kingdom bonuses of any kind, regardless of where I am fighting. Is this a bug? Are the kingdom bonuses not the same as they were?

Also, I have fought a few teams that have insane base stats. The ones that stuck out did not seem to have any particular bonuses - just a hero and a few legendaries (from different kingdoms, no less) - but they all had substantial bonuses. Clicking on a player wouldn’t show any bonuses and there weren’t any combinations to speak of, but they all seemed to have about +5 (or more) to health, armor, and attack. I definitely fought an entire team that started at 13-14 attack, and they weren’t the standard all-goblin squad or anything like that. Why is this?


The bonuses are now global, and they’re applied directly to your units and not added afterwards like before.
You can also benefit from bonuses depending on your team composition. You can get a list of all possible bonuses in that guide:

So if your opponent has maxed out their kingdoms and benefits from nice team bonuses, they might get bigger stats than what you were used to in the previous version.