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Kingdom and their color troops

As I got daily AB, to kill yellow troops i decided to make a table to decide which is best for fast D1 explores to get things done quick.
Here’s the top 5 i’ve recived:

kingdom yellow troops (epic or lower) yellow legendaries yellow mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of yellow below legend
whitehelm 13 4/4 1/1 26 21 61,9%
suncrest 11 3/3 1/2 24 19 57,9%
shentang 8 2/4 1/1 22 17 47,1%
divinion fields 9 2/3 1/1 24 20 45,0%
adana 9 2/4 0/1 25 20 45,0%

If anyone sees this table as usefull i might preprare similiar one for each color in the future (and will try to update it with every faction released).

Small note - i’m counting only epics and lower as during a single arena run, you encounter 19 of them, while seeing only 1 legendary troop.
Even if you have a mythic battle in the run, you encounter 21 of these troops, 1 mythic and 2 legends…

So my ranking in done, by % of epic or lower troops being given color. with a legendaries % being a tie braker (that’s why divinion fields in higher than adana).


Here’s a red troops table:

kingdom red troops (epic or lower) red legendaries red mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of red below legend
Adana 10 2/4 1/1 25 20 50,0%
Sin of Maraj 8 0/3 0/1 20 16 50,0%
Blighted Lands 11 1/3 0/1 27 23 47,8%
Grosh-nak 10 2/3 2/2 26 21 47,6%
Pridelands 9 1/2 2/2 24 20 45,0%

Purple troops table:

kingdom purple troops (epic or lower) purple legendaries purple mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of purple below legend
Karakoth 15 2/2 1/2 26 22 68,2%
Ghulvania 12 1/3 1/2 26 21 57,1%
Silverglade 9 1/3 2/2 22 17 52,9%
Zhul’Kari 11 2/3 1/1 25 21 52,4%
Darkstone 10 3/4 1/2 29 23 43,5%
Khetar 9 2/3 1/1 25 21 42,9%
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Brown troops table:

kingdom brown troops (epic or lower) brown legendaries brown mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of brown below legend
Khaziel 12 2/2 1/1 23 20 60,0%
Drifting Sands 12 1/3 1/2 27 22 54,5%
Broken Spire 10 2/2 1/2 23 19 52,6%
Urskaya 10 2/3 1/3 26 20 50,0%
Dhrak-Zum 7 2/3 2/2 21 16 43,8%
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Blue troop table:

kingdom blue troops (epic or lower) blue legendaries blue mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of blue below legend
Merlantis 15 2/3 2/2 24 19 78,9%
Glacial Peaks 13 3/4 1/1 26 21 61,9%
Blackhawk 9 2/3 2/2 23 18 50,0%
Khetar 9 0/3 1/3 25 19 47,4%
Stormheim 10 2/3 2/2 27 22 45,5%
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And finaly, green troops table:

kingdom green troops (epic or lower) green legendaries green mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of green below legend
Forest of Thorns 13 4/4 2/2 28 22 59,1%
Zaejin 14 4/4 0/1 29 24 58,3%
Maugrim Woods 11 2/3 1/1 23 19 57,9%
Pan’s Vale 11 1/5 1/1 26 20 55,0%
Bright Forest 9 2/4 1/1 22 17 52,9%
Grosh-Nak 10 2/3 0/2 26 21 47,6%
Wild Plains 10 1/3 2/2 26 21 47,6%
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The Arcane Traitstone of each kingdom indicates which Mana color type for troops can most be found there for explore.

So when a player gets the kill 150 purple troops. Their best best is a kingdom with purple TS.

The charts may be an over explanation of what used to be Common GoW knowledge. I’m sorry if that’s not the case anymore.

That was the case for 4 of 6 colors, but the analysis showed that Red and Blue Kingdoms failed the “purity test”, with Pridelands and Stormheim placing 5th in those respective colors.

Thank you @Sytro for your time and effort.

As an aside, I normally take 2-3 days to finish such tasks, but this Tuesday an alt got the Purple hunter killer task, and completed it long before reaching delve level 200 during the faction event. There were only 2 purple in the first and final room, but plenty in the rooms between.

Ahhhh you’re right. One players personal analysis trumps all counter knowledge of the game operations. My bad.

It never did. At least since i’m playing GoW (arround 2,5year). At that point these kingdom were never a best choice for explore-killing colored troops.
In Explorde before remake, you could encounter troop from neighbouring kingdoms, that’s why best kingdom for farming specific color was almost never the kingdom with arcane mono-colored traitstone.
Red used to be Grosh-Nah (big number of red troops between orcs and for some reason red dragons from dragon’s claw and red deamons from Blighted Lands were happily roaming arround).
Blue, was always Merlantis, as blue troops from Blackhawk and Swords Edge used to roam there.
For Brown it used to be Drifting Sands.
Adana for yellow.
Khetar was one of best for Purple.
Green… it was either Zaejin or Pan’s Vale - not sure, but troops from this two kingdom liked to roam into each other.
And i’m almost 100% sure of these kingdoms, as i used to do a LOT of explores (traiting new legends every day/two with grinding all traitstones (mainly 16 arcane’s) from explore), and took some notes of most common colors in these places…

Now, after remake it also never been the way it is now(didn’t do the numbers at the begining, but pretty sure Merlantis was top Blue, and Pridelands was somewhere where it is now or even below top 5 for Red) - every faction added to the game changes the numbers, every week troop/event troop also. New mythics and legends dont change much as they are skipped in my calculation.

Depending what color will be Khaziel Faction troops- it might fall from the top - if all 3 non-legends wont be brown, Drifting Sands will be better place to encounter Brown enemies.

One final note -> Grosh’Nak has red/brown(Lava?) Arcane traitstones, but most of it’s troops are red and green, it puts it in top 4 for farming red and top 5 for farming green. Higher than Zhul’Kari which even is a “Green” kingdom…

One person analysis counters what you used to call “common sense” in other topics :wink:
Common sense might be misleasding, that’s why i made this topic - these 6 tables might be usefull for newer players. I might even add info about Arcanes that can be farmed there (on the way).

Especialy that i’m planning on updating them with every new troops released.


78.9% of Epic and below troops in Merlantis use Blue, compared to 45.5% in Stormheim. It’s a different way to look at things. Doesn’t necessarily trump “all counter knowledge of the game”.

I might still go to Glacial Peaks, just because I enjoy killing Fey. But, there are better options out there. Allegedly.


This tables can also be used in a way: I dont need Arcanes from Merlantis, where could i go now and still have some good chance at killing blue ?


I see what you’re saying now.
It’s going to require a lot of work to keep each chart updated every week but if you stick with it then I definitely see the use and will be happy to promote it.

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It will require only to update statistics for 1 kingdom (where new troops/factions is added) -> check numbers on all 6 six colors of that kingdom, and see if it moves into top 5 or falls down (if it falls, i’ll have to recalculate whole color again - or at least kingdoms from that color, that aren’t in top 5…) everything ~20minutes weekly (40 when new faction is added, because will recalculate twice)


this week’s Darkstone brown/purple troop will require calculating statistic for Darkstone for purple and brown troops, as Darkstone is not in top5 in any of these:

kingdom troops (epic or lower) legendaries mythics total troops total troops (minus legends and mythics) % of color below legend
purple 10 3/4 1/2 29 23 43,5%
brown 7 1/4 1/2 29 23 30,4%

And with 43,5% of purple Darkstone kick Khetar from top5 purple

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Just a random thing worth noting, depending on what the bonus is for the week, it may cause some troops to not show up.

Example: In one of the events which caused many of the Stormheim troops to have stat bonuses, it caused Urska Wanderer and Serpent not to show up, which didn’t have any bonuses. They started showing back up once the week was over.

Some other troops just never show up in Explore as well due to troop role. I don’t think I’ve seen Arctic Fox, Penguin, Berserker, Frost Giant, Northender, or Snowy Owl from what I recall from farming Stormheim Explore 12.

It kinda makes the chart harder to follow, unless you want to manually confirm how many of the troops actually do show up as intended.

Might try few D1 in Stormheim runs today to check if i’ll get any. But that’s a good point.