Kill the Beast

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We’re not safe until he’s dead

New Troop: Minogor

You’re not safe until he’s dead
He’ll come stalking you at night
Set to sacrifice your Goblins to his monstrous appetite
He’ll wreak havoc on our Kingdoms if we let him wander free
So it’s time to take some action, boys
It’s time to follow me

Will you kill Minogor? Or perhaps you have the beauty to tame him?

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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WOW triple damage this troop going to be strong

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hmm not a bad troop at all. Obviously not in the top-tier with the big boys like EK, but I could see throwing this guy on a couple teams.

Attack need to be greater then 15 or greater then opponent?

Looks like fun! And Monster Slayer on top of it… could be useful against EK, even with Stoneskin (assuming on an attack buffing team)

Greater than the opponent I assume.

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And he can target specific troops unlike the gnolls that have random targeting making them inviable.


Well not so good then i doubt he will be stronger then korvash 27 att

Waiting on @Lyya to see what mythic look like :slight_smile:

He gets 1 for each Red Ally and 1 more each time an enemy casts a spell. Add a troop like Sunweaver and he could easily break 27 attack.


Yeah i forgot he win +1 att on enemy spell

Yup, also there is Courage for people that unlocked the traits, also a lot more troops that can buff attack and covers more colors.


Beat me to it, I was just about to say this card is made for a Courage team.

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Yeah was just picking a random troop of the top of my head. Also Sunweaver is from the same kingdom, so you could get a kingdom bonus going for +2 more attack at 4 Wild Plains troops (or +1 for 3)

Star Gazer for more color coverage in the team is also great, while it sorts of backfire a little removing blues that Sunweaver could use there are times when you can pull an extra turn or even match skulls from removing the gems, plus she has Empowered that is a great help to speed up the process.

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Yup can be a one shot killer easy with this x3

Will Wild Plains be the event kingdom?

Yes it will be. :slight_smile:

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Combine with courage for passive attack gain on skull matches…

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Or go down the other way. Entangled troops will die just fine.

This guy, green seer, salad dragon seems like a good combo.