Kill the Beast

Impervious troops would be an issue though

He looks like something I’ll like!

Great just what we needed. More cards that take advantage of Courage’s bug. I mean, it’s a bug right? You’re not meant to get 50 attack and health every time BD fires, right?


Lol if we’re trying to list all the cards whose abilities might not be working as intended, it’s going to be a long night. :wink:

The troop is looking nice. Now I am just wondering if I should Mythic it or not. :wink:
Probably gonna test it at Legendary before I make up my mind…

I wonder if that works from enemies being Entangled…

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Is this guy supposed to be the Year Beast in the Chinese mythology? Chinese New Year IS coming up next week after all…

Year beast walks on all 4 paws. I think it it is named after a Minotaur.

I got a little excited thinking it was a reference to the big bad minotaur god from Puzzle Quest, but I looked him up and he was MingoTH. Ah well.

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We actually have a couple of neat Puzzle Quest references coming up though - keep your eyes open!


Courage or justice would work well here. Though is all that to do 45+ damage worthwhile?

Actual number should be more than that. The image is only at Level 15, not to mention there’ll be other buff available in-game.

Just a quick running the numbers based on Lyya’s site.

Minogor caps out at 7 magic, and the spell does Magic + 3. So 10 damage, plus 8 (4 Magic kingdoms at 5 star) gives us a total of 18, giving us a total damage of 54. Yes this can be increased slightly through team bonuses, and other troops’ spells, but getting much above 60-65 will be tough.

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I wonder how many kingdoms are in the example image, because this guy could be a serious beast in Arena depending on default Level 15 stats. Where’s a @Lyya when you need 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before Post Edit: Level 15 = 11 Attack, 4 Magic(+3), so about 21 damage to anything not the Hero, usually.

My site usually has the troop available at about the same time the official announcements come out.


Also going to make a random prediction/call that this week’s event will be based around Arenas. It’s just the one game mode we haven’t had an event for yet.

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Fits well with stargazer :smiley:

Weekly events are at


He’s currently doing 69 damage a hit for me, definitely packs a punch.

69, tehe


Are you buffing magic somehow?