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Kickstarter to fund additional (non-core) content?

Just wondering if you have ever considered a Kickstarter campaign to fund additional non-core content?
(I understand that their cut is significantly less than Apple or Google - plus you get the funds in advance of the work)

I am thinking non-core game elements, such as additional skins, characters, option for name change, alternative game/screen layouts/icons, alternative art, variant maps, community generated art/icons/layouts etc.
Essentially things that do not make the game P2W but add to the game in other ways

This pre-paid funding could potentially provide a clearer indication regarding the gems of war communities appetite for spending on these types of content and allow for an appropriate amount of time/resources to be used to deliver them.

Post Kickstarter could then be added in game for a price - be in real money or in game currency - thus allowing a cake and eat it to element (and allow for new players to get access to it moving forwards)

In theory it may be possible to run a Kickstarter on an regular schedule with specific areas of focus

Be great to know your thoughts


This is technically possible already if you contact support, but there is currently no way to directly do it in game.

As far as funding for the game, all they really need to do is add another enticing cash buy that is extremely worth it like that of Deathknight Armor, daily gems, and the guild seal pack.


Good point.
What about in game Titles?
Or something linking game name to forum name?

Personally I would like more artwork/skins/layouts to be able to mix it up a bit

As far as funding goes, I think the benefit is two-fold

  1. players put their money where their mouth is - so to speak
    If you want options like a hedgehog avatar or be able to play as a monster etc the funds are made available for development in advance - potentially allowing greater creative freedom with no risk to the games company
  2. Kickstarter takes less of a % of funds, so more community money goes directly to the game, rather than to Google or Apple

I don’t know much about the business models and whether this would help or hinder things. I suspect that the publisher would block any such thing.

I do know Kickstarter has helped create some amazing stuff. Exploding Kittens anyone?

Tagging @sirrian for a wise comment here…

Nope, sorry. My best kickstarted project that I did (EDIT: contribute with 30$) is… this one: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1548028600/battle-chasers-nightwar/description

It should be. But maybe there is room for other products such as miniatures (apparently, Nimhain like that) :stuck_out_tongue: .

In all cases, a Kickstarter campaign could be a very good publicity for devs.

When you say project you did, do you mean that you’re involved in the project or that you gave it funding?

Nope. Sorry for the confusion. I just give 30$. I will correct it.

No criticism was intended, just wondered, thanks