Khaziel, defeat the evolved gorgotha?

Has anyone beat this? All my troops are level 15 and still can’t beat this last quest? Any tips on beat this quest? Please and thank you.

It is a frustrating fight.
You either have to go for a team that does fast damage to not let him power up (exploder teams worked well before, goblins with their extra turns, or some good gem converter setups) or keep draining his mana / silencing him.

Hang in there, you’ll beat him.

Epic from Karakoth quest line will be the one to make your life easy on that fight. I think Ferit is his name, or some thing like that :smile:
You cam get him easy by just completing that quest line.

It’s a tough fight, but doable. You have to make a team that is very good at keeping the turn. Gem transformers are good at this. Green slime, goblin shaman, green seer, alchemist, banshee… There are a number of good combos with this, you just have to prepare for it.

Also, I just realized what this fight would be like on higher difficulties… :shudder:

Silence the last enemy(Silent Night), or remove mana from the last enemy(Ferit) will prevent him from filling up. Then, damage based on enemy life(Shadow Hunter) will shred him in three hits. Another option is Keghammer, which removes enemy magic.

Quick question. Can you fight Evolved Gorgotha on Warlord IV? If so, what are his stats?

V1.0.8 (sounds like things might change in v.1.0.9) on Android