Ketras vs. The Great Maw [Suggestion]

I’d just like to point out that a Legendary troop has a trait superior to a Mythics’s 3rd.
… Makes me question some balance issues and stuff. Especially when Ketras is still not a favorite mythic, or considered “powerful”.
He’s still in the situational bracket, having it’s place above Stonehammer. Vulnerable, easily countered and without any utility at all.

Can we give him some love by increasing Attack, Health and Armor by 3 (up from 2), or including Magic in his gainings - just so he is at least as powerful as a Legendary and feels like a Mythic level?

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You are technically correct although magic has no effect for the Maw so Ketras still has the bigger boost with the stats that matter.

That said I like Ketras and have no issue with another buff for him. :slight_smile:


Also it’s easier to get red matches than skull matches generally. (Hellcat’s spell for example)


There already are troops that benefit from allied magic.
… Sekhma is the example. Technically said - Maw gains more stats one way or another. Plus, The Great Maw is not limited by stats and devours the same at 1HP, while Ketras gets totally useless once weakened by something as common as damage.

There is no reason for Ketras to have a weaker version of a legendary trait on his Mythic-tier.

I believe Ketras is by far the easiest to counter in the whole Mythic Family. And I believe it’s safe to assume he will never become “the” choice when it comes to PvP speedruns or GW Defenses. And it’s not like he’s a best troop for GW where he cannot utilize red gem looping.

@Ozball that is technically correct. But playing around Hellcat Alchemist loop is extremely slow when concerning PvP farming balance, and cannot be utilized in GW.
Which means - more love for the troop cannot hurt. :wink:

Ketras’s trait is more powerful because the boost affects his spell damage. There is a fine line here, if you boost the trait, the spell will be even more powerful.

Ketras is really really really strong. People just don’t use him. And the Ai is poor with him. But a well put Ketras team just kills then opponent real quick.


I was using Hellcat more as an example, albeit a poor one in this case I admit. A GW example would be something like Carnex / Garuda / Ragnagord / Ketras. Garuda’s Firestorm and Carnex/Ragnagord’s explosions lead to a large number of red matches, as well as filling up Ketras with any green mana hit (or red and brown if Garuda/Ragna is full). Or (and this isn’t focused on the trait so much) Gorgotha / EK / Gard / Ketras.

Basically Ketras starts with about 80 Damage on his spell (with 40 to adjacent targets) and that goes up by 3 points for every red match you happen to get. So the trait is nice, and boosts his damage, but he functions quite well without it proc’ing too much too.

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@Venar @Ozball
I’ll remind that again… But with a single AoE that hits for 25 damage (almost all hit that hard, or harder in end-game GW, I think we can agree that he’s not the fastest or safest PvP troop), he looses 12 damage (24 if you count the adjecents).
… So in order to get back to the damage of a single AoE spell, you have to get 4 gem matches. Which might as well be 4 turns in which the enemy can already cast another AoE.

Furthermore, going for Carnex / Garuda / Ragnagord / Ketras is extremely risky and plays on a hot battleground where every cast can give a huge loads of mana to the enemy - and that isn’t what you want without a summoner.

Increasing the trait from 2 to 3 is not an unbelievable boost. The reason being is that you cannot make much of it in any game mode. The only result eventually will be fun.
For the whole course of the game - your stat gain will move from 20 to 30. Which is not much, with all honesty. But it will feel much better.

Not to mention - you can tear apart the whole enemy team with Maw / Infernal King / Sekhma ten times faster, with much more satisfaction and much more stats gained, feeling twice as powerful as playing Ketras.

When Ketras is concerned, his design is strange. He is supposed to just ramp up as a juggernout … but he cannot be put in 1st slot because he’d be struck back by skulls, and by having him as a caster - you are wasting his attack bonus.
That being said - I still hold my ground in this thread and say it with pride - that Ketras’ 3rd trait needs more love.

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Fair enough points.

Technically you’re only half wasting it, since the attack bonus still contributes to his spell damage.

In that case - I’d much rather have him work with Magic. But technically - you are right :smile:

As i said, people don’t use Ketras well.
You don’t boost him with 4-match, or fill him with exploders.
Just use a troop that increase a stat like health or armor. It keep him alive and makes him very very deadly.

Which makes his 3rd trait a bad design. If “the right way to play” the troop is to ignore his 3rd trait - something is wrong. Which only further supports the suggestion of buffing it.

The Great Maw is just as deadly, utilizing his trait. Furthermore… Ketras can be used only as a oneshotting troop. Boosting his stats so high as to kill 3 troops at the same time takes way too long. Which means his “very very deadly” nature is capped.

We’ll have to disagree.

Always loved Ketras, I use him in many decks.
He was strong. But since the buff, I’ve found him to be just ridiculously powerful.
Why do you need him to 1-shot 3 troop?
He can usually do it in 2 cast, and leave the last troop almost dead.

I think people are just looking for passive offensive traits (like Mab, Famine, Justice, etc.)

But that’s me.
In fact, continue calling it weak, this way I can keep destroying everything really fast without fearing a nerf :stuck_out_tongue:


He’d 1 shot troops either way.
… The problem here is most probably that you think the buff I ask for is much bigger than I suggested. He wouldn’t kill 3 troops instantly.

Plus - I called him situational and easily countered. Which he is. If Dragon Soul or Krystenax hasn’t been nerfed, so far … I wouldn’t fear Ketras would be, either.
It still doesn’t explain why The Great Maw does the job arguably better than Ketras, even if you claim that Ketras is so powerful that he would get broken by improving his last trait (that you’ll focus on only till you can 1-shot, and not further - which would eventually only speed the process up, not increase the number of killed targets).

As someone pointed out - he’s deadly only(/especially) with buffing or 2 specific looping troops. In that case, buffing his trait so he doesn’t need to rely on supports is fine according to balance, if you ask me.

This is more the case of the maw being an exceptional legendary more than ketras being a subpar mythic. Ketras was viable before it received a buff.

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So the general consensus here would be that Ketras is so powerful that buffing him even slightly would make the game less fun.

And the comparison falls apart mostly because Maw is the problem and not Ketras.

Is that what you guys are trying to explain? Because I could kind of relate to that explanation.

The reason why the Great Maw has such a nice trait is because once he ate, he does nothing . So the trait helps a bit to keep him relevent and growing.

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Which means the design is much better than Ketras, if nothing else.
… Because he has an obvious role. Ketras, on the other hand, does not.

Also, Great Maw is much faster in PvP. I don’t think he has a use in GW. Ketras is much slower.
… In GW, I don’t think Maw has any use whatsoever, while Ketras cannot be utilized because his bread and butter troops just cannot be used if one wants to get full points (but as I said earlier - he is situational so he has his uses here).

I liked ketras before the buff but absolutely love him now.
I use him in 4 teams. Fun troop

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Just to make sure I’m not misunderstanding…

You all think that his 3rd trait is perfectly fine and balanced for a mythic. Is this right? Because all the responses are about what his ability does, his use or enjoyment.
None address the trait.

I just want to be sure, because it’s easy to miss the message, or to misunderstand each other, and it happens to me from time to time.

The main reason why I’m asking this is because even by using the Alchemist Hellcat combo to feed Ketras (the ideal combination, I’d say) gets his stats up by 20 throughout the whole course of the game, at absolute best.
Which isn’t much, assuming one nuking ability brings the damage of his ability to lower state than it was at the beginning of the game.

Or am I missing something and his trait has a secret use I am missing?

Yeah I Did have a team with him out front.

Queen Ysabelle
Infernal Ling or Green Seer, depending if I wanted Skull generate or mana for Ketras and QY.
Mercy I think it was for the ramp up.

EDIT: Had Sylvanimora in last spot currently.