Ketras vs. The Great Maw [Suggestion]

Do you just want somebody to agree with you and say that Maw’s third trait is better than Ketras? Yes, Maw’s is better. But you can’t just compare the third traits, just like you can’t just compare 2 attack values and ignore things like armour and health. A troop is a complete package of stats, traits, and the spell. And as a package, Maw is very limited while Ketras is far more powerful and versatile. Ketras needed a buff and received it, and in my opinion he’s now a solid average mythic, no additional buffs are needed.


No, I wanted to know your idea about the trait itself.

Because I find it weak.
I do not find Ketras weak. I find the trait weak. And since everyone said that Ketras is fine - I had no idea what the community thinks of his trait.

Because as @Venar mentioned - whoever plays around the trait - plays Ketras wrong.

Edit: And if a mythic-tier trait is as weak as to be ignored - something is wrong. And thus, the whole thread.

With further testing… I cannot say anything else but that his 3rd trait is useless.

With the team that buffs him and ignore the trait, I can 1-shot 3 troops easily in one cast, just as @Venar said he doesn’t want him to become (though he already is when built correctly).
With looping teams that literally feed him reds for the trait - he takes too much time to get even to a point he has enough damage to 1-shot 1 troop.

With that said - I still believe his trait should be looked at for following reasons:

  • It isn’t worth the cost
  • Doesn’t feel right or balanced
  • Utilizing around it doesn’t reward the player
  • Buffing it doesn’t touch his strongest side, not even from a mile
  • It would push teams that work around red gems in his favor, without having to worry he’d get out of hand. Because it is not the trait that gives him power.

I can’t understand why Draakulis only has 25% armour. That is rubbish for a mythic.
Ketras? I really wish I had gone for him. I use maw a fair bit I can’t agree with the op that the third trait on bully boy is useless. Maw gains magic but doesn’t even use it! Doesn’t create any more gems or anything. Now that’s useless.

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I think Ketras is fine as is. Hundreds more troops including supposed Mythics need buffing or reworking to be viable; Ketras is a long way down that list.


It’s the whole package that counts. Draakulis has amazing life gain potential, more than 25% skull reduction would just be excessive.

I think he needs a bit of a buff, my Mrs had three but hardly ever used it, bat seemed more versatile.

Ketras last trait helps him alot more than than Great Maw last helps him. Great maw has a one use skill so he is dependent on skull attacks to deal damage after that. Ketras 3rd trait is the gift that keep giving cause his attack stat will keeps raising even if he takes damage, it might decrease his spell damage a bit he can still hit hard with regular skull attacks ans his spell. One of my guld member has ketras and he does 120 total damage (60+30+30) once his mana full the first time. Even is he takes few hits, his armoured, so the damage is not too much. Most teams dont survive a second attack. Great maw has no where close that that effectivnes even with his hunger trait.

Ketras would be over powerred with +3.

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Actually - that’s what makes sense with Maw.
… Once he devours, he has a huge Attack and stat advantage overall (which is okay since it can be cast only once) - and focuses on skulls afterwards (which give him even more power). If paired with Infernal King or Sekhma, or both - he will tear everyone and anyone apart. In seconds. In a loop. Without giving up a turn. And ramping up.

Ketras, on the other hand - cannot be used as a skull-bot. So his primary role is to sit in the back as a caster. In which he isn’t bad. That’s what I keep saying. The problem is … trying to boost him through his trait is a bad strategy. And that’s what we agreed on. It takes too long, it doesn’t reward enough… So the best strategy for him as a caster is to throw a Sunweaver in his team. And ignore his trait.

It’s not the trait what makes Ketras overpowered. Because even if he got it at +4, utilizing it to the best still wouldn’t be as potent as pairing him with Sunweaver. It would be equally powerful at best. Boosting his trait doesn’t make him unstoppable. It speeds up the time he needs to be able to 1-shot if doing it through the trait. Which, again, is a bad strategy.
1 sunweaver cast = 10 red gem matches. (Less for players without maxed Magic kingdoms…)
Buffing the trait wouldn’t make him overpowered. It would only increase diversity.

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Yes, ketras works better as a caster but pair him with a troop like garuda and that traits buffs him very quickly.

Also red gems appear more that skulls generally. So if you had a team with only ketras and a team with only Maw, who would do better?

I like that maw ik sekhma idea. Mercy last? Or apothecary maybe?

@Dan_ozzzy189 I do it as Maw / Infernal King / Sekhma / Mercy.
… Battles are done usually in 30 seconds. Without any counter, you could say. Psion is a nuisance but you can just delay the devour in that case. The team is extremely deadly, loops, can eat tanks to destroy it’s weakness… And that’s where my question arose.

Why would I loop colors, when I can loop skulls for twice the reward? Because as @TheViperZa1313 and some others implied - red is “generally” more common on the board. Which is irrelevant because both troops need someone to feed them the gems. You create them. Skulls or Reds.
But Maw can utilize the trait. Ketras kiiiind of can - but if he does - you’re playing it wrong.
Throwing him a Sunweaver and exploder is twice as fast. I’ll say it again. If you pair Ketras with buffing troops - you can insta-kill 3 troops with a cast in the same amount of time it takes you to loop the trait to be able to cast 2 times. But you can cast 2 times with buffers in like 1/4 of the time compared to looping.

Also @TheViperZa1313, I pair him with Alchemist Hellcat. Trait is utilized to the fullest there. Garuda isn’t better. Also - Maw would be better 250%. Ketras cannot afford taking damage from a single skull. If he does, he won’t kill anyone.
Not to mention it has been told that a whole package should count. You will never play with 1 troop, and even if you would - Maw would be far better.

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what if they were entangled? does maw still have the upper hand?

That’s like asking:
What if Ketras gets devoured. Would he still have the upper hand?
Cleanse does exist in this game.

What if both get silenced, or mana drained?
That’s 2 against Ketras.
What if both get damaged?
That’s 3 against Ketras.

i brought up entangle because maw kinda entirely dependent on skull after devour while ketras still has multiuse spell. cleanse exist but it take valuable turns to gather mana and cast cleanse. even entangled, ketras can ignore that and focus on spell, while matching red still boosting his spell damage.

i wasn’t really trying to find which status effect is the winner.

I think it’s not needed for me to repeat what I already said … We both probably know how much stats will you gain by basic gem-moving on the board without help of another troop.
Yes, you are right. Maw is countered by entangle (which can be cleansed). Just like Ketras can be healed or buffed after suffering damage.
But the issue stays. The trait could welcome a slight punch forward. I’m fine if his base stats are lowered or something. But his trait is not really worth a mythic tier.