Ketras seems weak

Ketras doesn’t seem very good for a mythic…

My untraited/unscathed lv 20 Ketras does 48 damage to one enemy for a cost of 24 mana.

My untraited lv 20 Khorvash does 22 TRUE damage to TWO ENEMIES as well as mana drain and stun to both of them for a cost of 15 mana.

My lv 20 Kraken does 24 damage to the LAST TWO enemies, creates blue gems, and has a 40% chance to devour, for a cost of 16 mana.

I don’t feel like I need to cite more, Ketras just seems like he should have been a purple card, not a mythic. He’s not worth having in a team. The only pro I can think of is that his spell lets you pick a target.

IMO, we need Ketras to hit MINIMUM TWO enemies, all other things kept the same. I mean, his lore mentions him trashing many troops with his weapon in one swing, so let’s make something out of that.

I’d really like to hear some opinions of people who have him traited. I am not going to trait him unless it is buffed or there is an overwhelming response here about him being better with traits.


Completely agree here

Agree with this.

Comparison with Gard’s Avatar or Famine is equally unflattering. Or Krystenax or heaven-forbid Bone Dragon. Or Great Maw.

If this dude ever gets to cast it should really kill something. After several loops of red collecting with Hellcat/Alchemist he still hit only for 80+ damage, not enough to instakill in end game.

Base damage seems low. Boost ratio may be low. Mana cost is high.

Give it splash damage of half damage to adjacent enemies? Drop mana cost to 21?

Each time the third trait triggers, that’s +2 on the spell damage. Each time GA’s third trait triggers, that’s +2 damage to all enemies. Maybe 2:1 ratio?

@Shimrra thoughts?


He does seem to be a bit underwhelming.
About the traits- The Armored trait just doesn’t seem to fit the troop being that his spell is boosted by life & armor making him less than an optimal choice to put up top.


What if he did a cleave like his flavor text states. Dealing damage to a troop and half to adjacent enemies.

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What about “If the enemy dies, gain a turn”.

That trait should be swamped with either Warded (immune to death mark), Alert (immune to silence), Huge (gain 2 life on 4 or 5 gem matches), or Impervious (immune to everything).

He is basically a War, but without burn or decent traits.

Would love to see it buffed:

  • It is divine, so armor could be replaced with holy armor for 40% skull reduction.
  • 3rd trait should give 2 to all stats like Great Maw, or 3 to the current 3 it raises.
  • Ability should hit 1st troop (like the other bull troop) and a select troop, for 2 total hits.

This is my favorite suggestion for making him more viable:


Glad I’m not missing much.
I no longer go after mythic as they come out.
It feels like a failure every month and I dnt like to fail.


Yes, this troop does substantially less damage than famine and costs 24!!! what are they smoking over there…if this guy costs 24 then famine should be 26, since it not only does immense damage but also drains mana. I’m not exactly saying famine needs a nerf just yet, but other than Guard’s Avatar (and maybe death), these mythics are very very underwhelming.

It’d be nice if he hit the First and Last troop like Knight Coronet. (Who’s spell happens to be named ‘Cleave’)
At least then it’d nearly guarantee a death if only one troop remains.


He might not even need a buff (maybe just mana cost reduction) if he gets changed from a Tauros to a Beast…

Why would they change him from Tauros to Beast? That doesn’t really make any sense.

That aside, he definitely needs a buff. Right now he’s about even with Minogor, which is just silly.

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even Bul’Tauros can challenge his damage with much lower mana cost.

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I got him doing up to 75 damage… its based on his life armor and attack. Boost those and his damage goes up. So i like him. Put him with courage and kust keep spamming red and green or brown and yeah. But to each their own

I would say there was some damage to be had here lol


I think a buff is warranted. I like the half dmg to adjacent foes, but here are some other options

  1. Change ratio to 2:1 and reduce to 20
  2. Add, if enemy dies spell triggers again on random enemy (cleaving)
  3. Add, if enemy dies gain half mana and enchanted (battle rage)

Spell is called Blood Hunger which makes me think it should eat things… but I don’t think another Devour would improve anything.

How about adding ‘if the enemy dies, heal myself to full’?

Also agree with that view that the Armoured trait needs to go. Ketras seems confused: spell shouldn’t be on a front rank troop. He’s a back row caster: give him Reinforced or Fire Spirit or Big or any number of things. Maybe Fast :slight_smile:


how about fire link