Keeper of Souls (My BFF)


Ever since getting this card, he has been by my side.

For a while I was running
Giant Spider

Then I got another keep and switched to

Giant Spider

Then I got Star Gazer her third traitstone:
Giant Spider
Star Gazer

Then I went back to double Keeper team.

Now I’m just waiting to get third trait for Celestial and my new team will be
Giant Spider.

Full souls reward each game. Wins every 2.5-4 min. I’m not complaining.
Do you use Keeper as much as I do? What are your variations?


Before I got Bone Dragon I ran KoS in my Main Team;

Keeper of Souls
with Khaziel’s Banner

Absolutely savage in PvP, would run through enemy Teams in less than 10 moves pretty much every match.


I had KoS in my soul farming team for a long time, the font line troop I would swap out depending on my mood or flavor of the week. Favorites were Abhorath***, Hydra*** and Knight Coronet***. Purple generator I would swap between Green Slime* or Giant Spider**. Current one is:

Green Slime*
Keeper of Souls***

Don’t bother getting the third trait on KoS, the summoned Wight has the power of a gnat :frowning:


Give me a K ! Give me an E ! (nonsense continues until) Give me an R ! What does that spell? KEEPER!

I used to like Crimson Bat more because he was all fuzzy and evil.

But I always go back to Keeper as my go to guy for raising an army of skull-crushing, albeit mindless, undead. Keeper and I have kind of a supernatural bromance going. My wife is okay with it though because she likes the way he raises his minions.

One caveat!

If you run Giant Spider, which I like and keeper is still around … er … Keeping … you might end up swatting at Granite or Stoneskin traits using weak spiders. That is somewhat less than fun.

So I have had to retool some of my favorite teams to keeper up with the joneses (that was kind of a pun, not a grammatical disaster; okay, it was both).

I shall now attempt a poem to express my love of the Keeper of Souls.



What team do you like to run with KoS Malkav?


I have certainly run many different Keeper teams. Some are similar to yours and Emos. I like the one TaliaParks posted, too.

Keeper’s Necromancy trait, sadly is not enough for soul generation so I mainly run him with Valkyrie. This is not an issue with the card. Frankly, I hate running teams without Valkyrie because soul generation comes to a standstill. Perhaps this will be addressed in the future. Even so, here are a few with some comments:

Hero, Valkyrie***, Giant Spider***, Keeper of Souls**

This combination, as noted, is excellent. I have played with a lot of weapon and class combinations. Some notable ones that work well are Necromancer using Creeping Death (buff death mark please =p), Sorcerer using Burning Scythe, or Warlord using Gard’s Wall (For some reason I always like Proud Banner with the latter combination).

I used to always play with Templar builds because I enjoy the card so much. Once traits were released, Armored made this quite nice:

Templar***, Valkyrie***, Giant Spider***, Keeper of Souls**

As Emos mentioned, Green Slime is a fantastic choice and of course, Abhorath or Hydra. I go with Vampire Banner when using Abhorath.

Some alternates for Keeper make for interesting teams. Psion works well here as well. Interestingly, Both Giant Spider AND Valkyrie feed into Psion. I like Banner of Progress for that team.

Keeper and I are so close our snapchats are like:

However, I must admit to having a SIDE BFF!

Infernal King.

One of my strongest Templar teams using this composition is placing Infernal King in the final slot. I played with a lot of Infernal King teams and there are good ones, but I enjoy the Synergy with Templar transforming greens so that the Infernal King can chuck them back at the other team as skulls. You have to carefully watch your matches (brown and red, and skulls to green) to ensure that you get an extra turn from one of them; otherwise, this can blow up in your face. Finally, I use Divinion Banner for this combination.


Yeah Infernal King is like KoS on steroids! Team him with Sheggra and you have a staggering one-two punch combo.


@Malkav’s love for Keeper of Souls is epic!

Loving every bit of it.

It’s deserved, it’s one of the best cards in the game.


what’s a good keeper/sheggra team?


Actually I think that Sheggra and Keeper don’t compliment each other that well…they both share brown and one tends to stall the other. The reason that Infernal and Sheggra work well together is that Inferno can create a lot of red gems which can activate Shegggra which then uses all of the unused red and skulls on the board for a serious skull carpet bombing. KoS seems to work best with the:

Front line tank of choice
Green Slime or Giant Spider


Yep I run Abhorath*** Green Slime*,Valk***,KoS*** , not sure getting the 3rd trait on KoS was smart but I think in my mind I hoped that one day they would show summons some love and at least make them level eqiv to those you have trained if not traited.


I want to officially go on record and endorse both Hairy and his … um … back … on this important, important issue. I completely agree and will probably get the third trait.

However, please make Keeper’s summon as awesome as he is.

Or change the trait?

I have it! :dizzy: You could change the trait to something effective, yet balanced … you know … like … like a summon that instantly devours the whole other team upon activation…

…and then goes after their families …

Ok, I might have gotten carried away. But right now summons yank so much that I occasionally lose perspective…

Understand that on the Bromantic scale, I could see myself cuddling under a blanket with Keeper, in a survival situation. I mean our life depends on it right? Pass the blanket, bro.

In short,

Keeper … goooooood …

Third Keeper Trait … baaaddd …

Summons … unnngooood …


Yes, this is the team I’ve been using to date… currently with hydra in front.

But I got Infernal King & Sheggra recently. Leveled sheggra & working on Infernal King now. Not sure how to make good use of them yet.


I use Infernal KIng/Giant Spider/Sheggra/Keeper of Soul
You can change KoS for Bone Dragon and/or switch position between Sheggra and KoS.
Banner Blue/Green to boost Giant Spider.
Works well ;-).


I use:

Infernal King*** (though no trait is really needed)

Yellow/yellow banner

Gorgotha takes the hits, and the overlap with yellow isn’t a huge problem because Gorgotha can just explode. I’ve been attempting builds that don’t have Gorgotha in them, since Gorgotha*** makes everything easysauce. I’ve tried IK, Mercy, Sheggra in the first three slots and a bunch of other troops in the fourth:

Moloch*** is amusing, and it doesn’t matter if he never gets any mana (since his traits are more useful than his spell);
Terraxis** can be used to make brown for Sheggra and to set up IK;
Green Seer** can be used to make green for Mercy and to set up IK;
Emperina** can be an emergency heal and provides Fire Link;
Dust Devil*** can remove a dangerous front troop and provides Air Link.

So far I’m not 100% happy with the flow of any of those teams, but they’re fun, especially when IK sets up Sheggra (or Green Seer or Terraxis set up IK who then sets up Sheggra – skulls EVERYWHERE!)


I like Keeper more than Bone Dragon for the control it gives you. You might not be able to just fire Keeper off but that means it won’t backfire on you when you do. BD is just too random sometimes. Doesn’t mean I don’t use BD but I built a “Brute Force” team that works pretty well.

KoS / Slime / Valkyrie / BD
+2 purple banner

This way at least Keeper can put a large number of skulls on the board to help BD fill the board when fired.


I used to play Keeper of Souls, just like you, then I took an Infernal King to the deck.

With Celestasia’s stupid 3rd trait, Infernal’s King split damage is no laughing matter, it will laugh and crush her with no problem.

My KoS and IK teams all includes Valkyrie for obvious reasons mentionned way too many times on the forum…

Yellow/Purple banner
Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

Yellow/Blue banner
Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

Yellow/Yellow banner
Infernal King

Purple/Purple/Red/-Yellow banner
Green Slime
Infernal King


What also works great:

Sorcerer hero with Black manacles
Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

Double purple banner


I do wish I would have traited Mercy when I had the chance, Empower is such a powerful trait. I use the same team except for Webspinner*** in place of Mercy, works quite well. Also in agreement about Gorgotha*** as much as I love using him in PvP it’s starting to become a crutch.

Infernal King**


From the deep, dark, distant past, arise my minions! ARISE!

It took me a flipping long time to procure the final and completely useless Keeper of Souls trait. Hairy, you and I are members of an elite group: Soul Legion.

Soul Legion sounds awesome on paper. But let me be clear and assure you that in practice, it yanks hard :tomato:

Well, the Wight does make a tasty snack for your opponent’s Great Maw =p

But I unlocked it for love.

Now I just need to get the card to Mythic…