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Just some maths on pvp leaderboard

i just wondered about the amount of games played for the current number 1 leader with around 1300 games played… this high amount of games made me calculate a little bit to see how much time is needed for this much games

lets say u need 3-4 minutes for one game, this seems to be a realistic timeframe
3x 1.300 = 3.900 minutes = 65 hours
4x 1.300 = 5.200 minutes = 86,7 hours

so you need between 65 and 86 hours for this much games

its very hard for me to believe, that one person is playing GoW this much… the new week started (in my timezone) monday 8:00 am - now its friday 8:00 am - this is summed up 120 hours.

the conclusion would be -> this person is playing more then 12 hours a day without a break…

am i missing something?!? currently i really dont believe this is possible!
correct me please…

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I would tell you to ask @dhjl, but he seems busy trying to catch up on Sister…

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please no namecalling - in my focus is just the needed amount of time^^
thats the reason for my topic

I said it in a similar thread once, and I’ll say it again. A top player should be able to finish a match in 2 minutes on average, possibly even less.

Also, you underestimate people’s free time and dedication.

I have several “speed decks” more then Capable of winning within 90 seconds quite often 2 minutes tops (and no I don’t use Maw) so try the calculations again using 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes per match, if I can do it then other people should be able to do it even faster

2x 1300 = 2.600 minutes = 43.3 hours

makes also one third of the whole time - what means they wont be part of some reallife actions though - or do they need no sleep and social interactions?!?

Maw, Mercy, IK, Sheggra is capable of winning consistently in about 2 minutes (on average) against most teams.

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2 minutes should be just over 43 hours cutting you 4 min assertion in half, doable in the five days we’ve had to play this event

but Gorgotha is shown as mainly used o.O

I run
Infernal King (1)
Sheggra (1)
Mercy (3)
Star Gazer (3)

As my skull spam team it wins consistently in 2 minutes or less but my 90 second team is Cresendo based

That’s 8 hours a day, it leaves plenty of time for other things. Many people work 8 hours a day and still have time to do stuff, why is it hard to believe that someone how doesn’t work can play for 8 hours?

Also, you’re only talking about one person. Is it so far fetched that one person (out of so many players) is enough of a shut-in to pull this off? You do know people like that exist, right? I’m actually surprised there are not more of them on the leaderboard.

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Not in the high level meta. There it’s Maw/Mercy all the way (around 50%). Gorgotha shows up quite a lot too, but not nearly as much as Maw/Mercy teams.

I think he meant that the top player has Gorgotha as the most used card in their profile, meaning it’s probably part of their invade team, so probably no traited maw on top.

There are plenty of fast teams with Gorgotha though, true damage teams being the primary example.

As the residential math buff did you calculate for points on the high and low end then calculate time frame from that?

I am one of them. Seems i am too late and others are making math threads about the pvp. i should hurry with my calculations soon.

From other games I have the experience that people with a disability that prevents them from working often go for games to fill their time (and distract them from their pain). There they also spend huge times online. 8 hours a day is a very reasonable achievement for those.

Also, when I was still studying I played WoW and it tracked how much time you spent logged in on each character. By the time I finished my studies (3 years later or so) I calculated average time spent in the game at 8 hours a day… And I did still manage to finish my MSc.

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I keep wondering why other people care how other players spend their time? :confused: It really isn’t anyone’s business. I’m surely not going to spend 8 hours playing PVP, but that doesn’t mean I should go around judging/questioning other players that do.


Does the mentioned 90-120 sec game time include all the dead time around play like game start, trait animations, victory screen, etc? And is it sustainable through hours to play at that pace for hours?

I fixed some typos in the thread title:

  • leaderbord -> leaderboard (as I am a pedant)
  • math -> maths (as I am English and intolerant)


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I swear when i get all the data compiled i will make my own math post but i have 2 studies going on with this game, one for souls and one for pvp points and sadly i have to deal with people complaining about low levels getting more points which is skewing my data.

8 hours. ok, i wonder how many time some spend on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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