Just out of curiosity

Do you think the extra turn bug is related to the “combo breaker” mechanic? Given how random it seems to occur.
Also, given the state of play currently. And record breaking PvP performances.
Is the combo breaker still needed? Or would the removal of it be a great way to make spawners less useless?

(I know the combo breaker existed for over a year without the extra turn bug. No clue what actually caused the extra turn bug. It didn’t start until 3.4 and there are no obvious changes to gems that would cause it. So it had to been something they did on the RNG side or AI side hidden in code. (They don’t like to talk about either of those subjects).

Just as a heads up, we have a fix for the extra turn bug in 3.6.


Please tell me you also have a fix for uba triple kill in 3.6?


Any chances of a 3.5.5 being released before then? (Patch for just bugs) Assuming 3.6 is at least a couple months away.

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There’s much bigger game breaking bugs that need to be addressed before that one. Here’s a list of a few.

  • customized arena teams
  • Guild Wars
  • Global chat

At least 1 of them give a much bigger strategic advantage to players/guilds than Ubastet killing resurrected troops.

Good luck with that

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3.6 Comming Soon[tm] lol

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Are you talking about specific spawners there? Some are definitely useless, but some are insanely good, one even making it into the Divine tier. Maybe that is more of a troop specific problem than one of the combo breaker.

My guess, from 3.4 Patch notes:

We don’t have much details about what they did, but I guess that devs added multi-threaded tasks to fix the quoted bug.
Because it really looks like several process are competing to act first and sometimes, one goes before the others which should not happen (i.e. the bug). A casual asynchronous issue. Good luck to fix it and test it correctly.


I had a constructs task yesterday. I used this as a team.
I was amazed by how only 10% of the time I could get an extra turn from a guardians cast. Despite how much of their Mana was on the board. Made me long for the one month I got to have fun with BD and Courage. No need to make BD op again. But Spawners definitely have enough against them. They don’t need added code to prevent their use.

Awesome :smile:

The way i understand it is that the combo breaker only kicks in after you already had a few consecutive extraturns, at least that is how it used to be advertised.
Not even getting started with extraturns seems more like a troop specific thing with the Guardians being victim to the double gem spawn changes dating a long while back (i think it was right after the orc rework?) similar to Jarl.

!Not saying that they couldn’t change spawns to make those troops more useful again, just saying their failure to produce extraturns is probably not related to the combo breaker.
And i absolutely agree with you that combo breaker is no longer needed with how the game evolved.

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No, unfortunately this is a code change so it requires an update to the game client, which must be passed through certification and publishing, and has to wait until 3.6. :frowning:

To answer your original question the current extra turn bug we are aware of is caused by making a match before both yours and the enemy teams have finished activating all their traits. This occurs at the start of a match and also on new turns.

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I remember they said to fix the extra turn bug they need an update, and the 3.5 arrives.
Now we need another update?

And Chat still without fix. Also 3.6? :disappointed_relieved:

If you’re still having an issue with chat please contact support. If you experience an extra turn issue other than the one described above then you can report that to the forums with some steps to reproduce it or contact our support team with Missing Rewards. :slight_smile:

Both guild chat not working on mobile and various causes of the extra turn bug were fixed with update 3.5. If they’re still happening it’s another issue (i.e caused by a different problem).

The mid match extra turns being lost are from traits like Bard’s that activate every turn?
(If true that would be really beneficial for all players to know.)

Not quite sure what you mean - there’s a more detailed description on the help center if that answers your question… It’s the overall animation that plays, indicating the game is going through each troop to see what it has to bring to the match :slight_smile:

From my experience the animations and strobes from opponents are causing extra turn bugs at any time. The solution to that is to wait til they dissipate, but things like mana shield don’t go away fast! It’s a real pita, especially when you see a host of purple and yellow aligned and you mercy loses the turn because you went too quickly.

That’s what I’ve put it down to. Also the AI is going twice on occasions and Ai matching 3 and going again, can’t work that one out yet.

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its not just happening at the begining before traits set. happens all the way through