Just another GoW rage comic thread


Hi all! I got bored so I made yet another rage comic. XD

For those who’s not familiar with rage comic and all characters, here’s some references:

Just one more game!

Feel free to post your GoW related rage comic here.

Edit: add rage comic references as some people asked me.

A little rant before I leave the game for a while/There be memes!

What stage are you now?

Tag @htismaqe and @Jainus exclusively :grin:


Kind of hard to for Depression to occur…


Yeah I made that comic few weeks ago. So I wasn’t sure if it’s still relevant since BD nerf is imminent. But I posted it anyway. :grin:


@ZooKeeper - Your comic was very well done, I actually laughed out loud reading it and remembering all 5 stages…:slight_smile:


Nice stuff


Bump cuz these comics are too funny to be buried in a bunch of recruitment thread.

And also, my guild Celestial Peak is recruiting :wink:


we need these stages for apocalypse mythics weve missed :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I’m back at the bargaining stage. :smiley:


The Difference


I had to open the game to check what the Seer’s 3rd trait was…


same here haha
@ZooKeeper this is brilliant :grin:



Haha that’s funny Anna. XD


Nice work guys and girls. Very creative


Story of my life


It’s something

Edit: I posted the unfinished one earlier. XD


splendind :joy:

lets hopewe can burn it with crafting system :blush:



I made these!
Edit:- Last pic is thanks to Foxy Tigerhawk