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  • 40+ Legendary Tasks
  • Always Max Rewards for Raid Boss and Invasion Events
  • We are GW Bracket 1
  • Always 40K Seals early in the week

We are a Great Community of Gamers and we use Discord for easy Guild communications. :sunglasses:
Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/wrtWCvs

Weekly Minimum Requirements The absolute minimums are for busy weeks. Exceed these most weeks! :rocket:

  • 800K+ Gold on Monday (Most do 1M to 2M Gold).
  • For Raid Boss and Invasion Events. Most buy the Weapon+ in the Shop. Play more than the minimum Sigils Battles in the Orb Modes by Friday. (Raid Boss, Invasion).
  • Guild Wars Sentinels level 3+. Complete 25 GW Battles by Saturday and 30 by Sunday, using 4 of the daily color.
  • Must Seals Daily and Claim 1500+ Seals by Saturday at noon.

All Druids greatly over achieve these requirements on a routine basis. :smiley:

Over 1,500,000+ Trophies! GW Bracket 1! LEAGUE TOP RANK # 31 and Climbing DruidsGlade is Recruiting!

DruidsGlade as of 1-13-2019 :rocket:

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Looking for active guild that gets all tasks done
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:cherry_blossom: Join DruidsHaven! Tiered Gold and Seals Reqs. (See Banner). "We are a Refuge for Veteran Gamers and a Haven for Active New Players" (29 / 30)
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Level 1000+ Looking for a new guild
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Looking for a great guild

Hello, I am looking for a guild that has requirements of the
team. Currently my guild does not and we
are not getting much accomplished.

About me:

I am level 421 and play daily

All my kingdoms are at level 10

I can contribute the required minimum of 250k gold and 700 seals each week.
(I normally always do all 1500 seals and look forward to being in a group that completes the seals each week)

My invite code is: TARANSWORLD

Thank you and I am really looking forward to being a part of
something great.

p.s. my favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny because he is quick-witted, funny, and even a little cruel. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I will send you an invite to Guild.

Can you chat via Discord or Line?


Spots are still open for active players looking for a fun guild.


Welcome aboard Taran!

I’m still looking for one more Top Tier Druid! Could it be you?

Also further clarified our requirement around Guild Seals. We are close to being able to hit 40K every week, so the weekly Seal requirement of 1000+ during weeks with NEW Mythic Troops so we definately achieve 40K. Many of our members always complete 1,500 Seals.



Only a few hours left before the reset!

I still have 1 open spot! Join now so you can get the max keys and gems to start your week!



Welcome Taran.


All spots are filled for now.

Join our public Discord server to chat as we will probably have another opening later this week.




We have 1 spot open! One of our players has decided to retire for Gems of War!

If you are interested, please reply to this Thread or message me using Discord Chat.

Discord: #NowayJoe2Go:0766


Hello DruidsGlade team. I have been on the team for a week so far and it is the best team I have been on. I love that you have community forum to discuss game strategies and team building plans. Based on your Discord forum I have already changed my game play for the better and really do feel like a part of a winning Guild.

For those looking to join a new team, I believe this is a great team that has fair requirements from everyone and offers a lot in the way of community, mana masteries, game bonuses and much more.


A great group of people who like to help other members out with there knowledge of the game. There always seems to be some sort of chat going on in the guild discord channel. So, if you are an active player and looking for a new group of comrades to conquer the gems of war world just let us know.


DruidsGlade is recruiting for one additional Player. Come join our community and be part of something great.


We are still are looking for an active player who is looking for a great group of people to join.


Welcome to DruidsGlade, Dave and Emily!! :rocket:

DruidsGlade has 1 player retiring today! Join a Top Ranked Guild with an Awesome online Discord Community today and get all the Gems, Keys, Souls, etc upon Reset in a few hours! :smiley:

Can you exceed $250K Gold and deliver 1500 Seals? Can you greatly exceed 250K and deliver a minimum of 800 Seals? Come join DruidsGlade!



Destroyer7, I sent you an invite to continue chatting on Discord. Can you see my invitation?



Dear Famous Heros,
DruidsGlade needs your help to conquer the world of Krystara. Sadly, we are getting outnumbered by other guilds. This is why we would like you to join our ranks.Your power and skills will contribute to continue our quest against the wildest kingdoms and guilds.

Beside, we are an active and nice guild with a good presence on Discord. We discuss and exchange our knowledge a lot to be more and more competitive. So if you would like a friendly, respectful guild with a great expertise, please come and join us!



We are still recruiting for 1 seat! Please post here, PM me, or let’s dialogue using Discord! :smiley:


Hey I’d like to join if you still have room

Can do 250k min
Lvl 300 something
Always does 1500 seals
Gets to rank 1 in PvP every week
Invite code cowman

Jus looking for a more active guild


i’m lvl 195 can meet you req. both money and seals,
code alebenja1981
favourite character…will E coyote…rocks!


Great, alebenja! Can you continue chatting on Discord?