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January Dev Q&A Summary

Here is my summary from the Q&A, as promised. I have not caught a few things with my notes when I was typing stuff in chat (mainly during the PVP defense question), though.

What are you currently working on?

  • 3.3. will be the biggest update yet.
  • Something that makes the stability of Monday rollover much better and easier for the devs.
  • Lots of new events, more troops (2-3 a week, one available through a new system), raids.
  • Raid bosses are not Guild vs. Guild, but each guild kills its own boss multiple times, the boss gets harder each time. More kills = More rewards. There will be a leaderboard for fun, though, to see how your guild is doing.
  • A lot of QOL (quality-of-life) stuff, like finishing multiple guild tasks of a color at once.
  • There will be six big new features this year.
  • Hero will be able to use all three perks.

When is 3.3 coming and will it add the 27/30 guild wars scoring option?

  • 3.3. is planned roughly for late February.
  • No 27/30 because GW scoring will get a huge overhaul, including more clarity and assuring no more collusion.
  • It’s a big QOL thing that is to be tackled in one swoop and not by adding a little thing now.
  • GW will rotate with raid and another event, so it will happen only every 3rd week. Bracket-jumping will be adjusted after two months of keeping it the same as it is now to watch how things develop first.

Is there any news regarding particle effects, status effects and transparency in 3.3?

  • Status effects won’t cover stuff anymore and be more clear.
  • Particles will remain, but be less bright.
  • Board transparency was sort of skipped as a question, I was asked to give feedback especially about transparency in TH. We will have to see if the devs say something on the forums about it.

Are there any plans to rework PVP Defence incentives to encourage players to use different troops?

  • Devs are pretty happy with the meta.
  • It’s pretty hard to get defenses right.
  • They want people to put in defense teams for the right reasons and not because losing is easier.
  • No more AI sliders because people were not very good with them (like pulling red all the way up and the team didn’t need red).

Are you intending for troops that explode gems to be the strongest in the game? Is there a plan to introduce troops that encourage other play styles?

  • If the devs get the feeling that exploders get too powerful, they will consider dropping Mana gain from 70% to 65% or 60%.
  • There is also a slight coding issue they are tracking where too much Mana is sometimes gained.
  • There are a lot of new troops coming who convert and also new weapons which do so.
  • Basically they’re keeping an eye on it.

Could we have a larger variety of weekly events? (And less with treasure maps?)

  • Treasure maps are super-popular with new and mid-level players (“Those below the top 500”), so the events will stay.
  • But new events next to the collection events will happen at the same time.
  • Treasure Map snotstone gathering will therefore still appear, but there will be more stuff to do.

Are there any updates concerning the new Guild Wars troops?

  • Not until the QOL update mentioned above has happened.
  • Basically the new system (rotation with raid/other event) will come first.
  • They also don’t know yet how to get the old troops then (if all guardians are needed first before they drop and so on).
  • More details on this to come next month.

Will the Dragon Soul receive a unique legendary trait?

  • TDS will lose Mana Shield in addition to its current Resurrection trait and so gain two new traits.
  • It’s currently too powerful on defense.
  • It’s the most used troop in the game.
  • No set (unique) third trait yet, but an idea was having it rebirth once as a different dragon. Also no word on what Mana Shield will be replaced with.

Would you consider adding a trait that counters spell damage?

  • Yes, but it is on the backlog.

Will you add the old event weapons to the SoulForge? Or add them to the store?

  • There are new weapons coming to the Soulforge in 3.3.
  • They definitely want to make the old weapons available.
  • Weapons in the Forge will likely rotate.

Are there any plans to add a ‘play again’ button at the end of an Explore or Quest battle?

  • It’s on the list.
  • Hasn’t happened yet because they want to make it available only after a certain level because new players should learn how to navigate the world map and menus.

Would Infinity+2 consider doing any charity drives? And if so, how could players get involved?

  • They definitely want to do this.
  • They need to talk to the publisher first, though, but will bring it up in the next meeting.

Other stuff:

  • They’ll move office next week and hopefully get better internet there for better stream quality.
  • Bright Forest will be released on the 29th together with its weekly event. The 26th got cancelled because it’s a holiday in Australia.
  • There will be new race-specific traits, one for a new kingdom but three for other races. Those will also have variations - the example given was Elves. Dark Elves will be immune to Web, Wood Elves to Entangle… and there will be Mana Drain immunity as well. Note: Because of bad stream quality, I didn’t catch if Mana Drain immunity will be for all Elves or for Silverglade Elves only. So either all Elves are immune to Mana Drain plus one more thing depending on kingdom or Mana Drain immunity is the unique Silverglade immunity.
  • Mana Shield will get Mana Drain immunity (one of the reasons TDS will lose Mana Shield), but Impervious will not.

Thank you, Sheba!!!


You’re welcome! Feel free to pin it if you think it’s pin worthy!

Also I welcome corrections because I am not sure if I missed important things or misheard things.


Maybe the devs should let people who aren’t good at PvP use bots to play then.

With the sliders I actually felt like I had input. No pun intended.


Got late to the Stream.
Glad to see exploders are on watch


Thank you for making this summary.


Excellent work, @Sheba.


Amazing work i really appreciate your effort on this thread.


thats awesome. thankyou :heart_eyes:


As others have said thank you for the summary :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure if it was my connection or theirs, but I couldn’t get much more than a few hilarious sounds and a lot of freezing (mab…is that you?!) :wink:
I kid. Joking aside, my opinion on the whole thing is simply this: Life is change. We adapt, why should gaming be any different? Find the fun guys.


Thank you very much for the summary Sheba. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the summary @Sheba

This sucks stop nerfing good troops that aren’t op and aren’t used in every defense teams.

This is really disappointing I use to really hate GW and it was part of the reason I took a months break from the game but ever since the unique defense bonus GW has become really fun and I actually look forward to it.


@Maxx, the Dragon Soul is actually the most used troop on defense in the game by a large margin. :slight_smile:


Even at level 1000? I don’t really see him that much I actually see Infernus and Famine a lot more and Psion the most.


I see 97% psion rag fam infernus
1% troll- kraken
1% justice league
1% dragon team


Thank you everyone for the kind words despite all the typos and unclear sentences. :slight_smile: I just fixed some of that stuff (and just learned that I had spelled ‘February’ wrong all my life, how wonderful). Thanks for being patient! I’ll go to bed soon, so if I missed anything and you’re telling me about it, don’t be surprised if it takes some time until I add it in. I also posted the board transparency feedback in the original Q&A question collection thread since I felt it would have been out of place here. If the devs say something about it there, I’ll edit my first post here, of course.


I think the point is that it isn’t a sole focus on a particular level group, but rather PVP as a whole.

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@Saltypatra If these have to stay can you at least stop the map events when a new kingdom is released? A lot of high levels rely on the 3 epics from the event to 5* a kingdom and we are forced to do thses


Sheba you’re amazing :heart_eyes:

We all turned off watching the stream in the office to try and ensure the internet was good for you guys, so I couldn’t hear the answers. It is good to have this.