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Its Back! Campaign 3 Tasks at Reset (Week 10 Updated)

I having some doubts regarding a fix, this is just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger design issue showing. They could probably put a client side band-aid on it to somewhat cover it up. They’d really need to rework their whole client/server communication though, which just isn’t going to happen.

Week 6 - Pan’s Vale


Team I mention is:



Although hero in last position is probably better for bard


From the fantastic @Starlite

Campaign 3 Week 6 Strategy

You’ll want to save your Adventure Board (B3), 2 Event Keys (B4), a Vault Key (S2), and possibly the Dungeon for its easier battles.

The easiest start, this week, is probably Whitehelm fast Explore. Although Casual PvP and the World Event are also options (as is a yellow Pet Rescue, if you get one.

  1. Use the Banner of Song (GY) for 4 wins (B1), while looking for 45 Yellow kills (S1), and killing Holy St Astra 5 times (G1).
  2. Switch to a Pan’s Vale Team for 4 wins (B2).
  3. Leave Explore for a bit and complete a single Adventure Board (B3).
  4. Open 2 Event Chests (B4).
  5. Use a Vault Key to kill 3 Treasure Gnomes (S2).
  6. Back to Explore to earn 1000 Gold in battle (S3).
  7. Use a Relic weapon for 4 wins (B5).
  8. Craft 3 Yellow Summoning Stones (S4).
  9. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B6)
  10. Once Holy St Astra is pacified, go to Pan’s Vale fast Explore for 44 Wildfolk kills (G2).
  11. Use the Bard Class for 4 wins (B7).
  12. Cast 18 Spells (B8).
  13. Win 4 Battles in a single Arena run (B9).
  14. Finally, up the difficulty to D6+ for one Pan’s Vale Explore run (B10).

A good team to help people out is 2x Desert Mantis and 2x Holy St Astra, though it’s a bit of a compromise: [6302,6302,6632,6632,3021,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


It’s good to have you back taking care of this, Hawx. The three-ish weeks you were busy with real life really made me appreciate the amount of work you put into this community service.


Just wanted to add, that as for Yellow explore: Drifting Sands and Adana are also quite good options (for those, that want to earn other Arcane traitstones than Yellow ones). I should be done with initial version of explore table by the end of current campaign, but it’s mostly done already:

Hey there, just FYI: My bot does this with the !color_kingdoms command, so you don’t have to do the calculations over and over again:
Also worth trying out is the !troop_type_kingdoms :wink:

Cheers, Gary.


Got to know about that command only a couple of weeks ago. That was beautifully done @gary_dils (PJ here).

By the way, would you do the second-best kingdoms for colors too? If it is not much of a trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your bot does calculations on kingdoms troops. I do data gathering on real runs and i’ve found that those numbers aren’t always comming close, especialy that some troops never appear on explore runs… heck in some kingdoms i’ve encountered 0 common troops during 100+ battle (20 full runs) and in others it was like 26+ (so basicaly most runs had at least 1 battle with troops of base common rarity).

Just compare your data, with table from post above. :wink:

@gary_dils also if you’re able to setup a random source for your commands you can use my table as a source - it’s better than relying on troops counts (should finish it by end of current campaign and will probably update it once any kingdom has 3 or 4 troops released since it’s last update)


I see. My bot could in theory sample this, but I will not conduct anything like this without prior approval from the devs, as this would be non distinguishable from cheating.
I try not to take in any human generated data, so the bot can run full unattended. I need a bit to think about how to improve that situation, thanks for your offer :slight_smile:

@jpraveensn I can do that, need to reformat the whole thing, so need to think about that.


I’d never even thought about the amount of troops that do actually frequently appear on an explore run. Perhaps in future I can compare yours and Gary’s results and give a couple of options.

Also worth considering when kingdoms have guarantees vs. possibilities, too — if there’s only one mythic in a kingdom, for instance, the 6th fight is guaranteed an additional appearance of three colors, two colors if legendaries overlap, etc…

Harder to parse the value of this, but I do think it makes a difference if every possible boss shares a color in a kingdom, as it’s a guaranteed 2 kills per run in addition to whatever the more random, general pool is.

Since i’ve started that topic, i received feedback from other players and forum members and that brought me to change my aproach from ‘statistics based’ into ‘data based’, because each kingdom has its own bias (like orion’s herald showing up almost in every battle in divinion fields). Some ‘best of color’ kingdoms never have 4 troops of that color appear in one battle(like Whitehelm). Other have patterns focusing heavily on 2 colors (Drifting Sands). And some are just all-round on every color, without being good for any specific color.

I’ll give some final thoughts on topic when I’m finished with initial gathering, but there are some similarities between kingdoms when it comes to doom/gw common troops - these tend to show more often than any other commons in that kingdom. Legendaries and Mythics have rather equal show up chance, sometimes with some short series( like same legend/mythic showing 3-4 times in a row).

I’m collecting all my data manualy, as anything that would sniff it from the client would probably be taken as cheating. Not mentioning i’m playing on mobile which complicates things a bit…

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Week 7 - Zaejin


For those who don’t want to mess around team building, Here is an option that can complete many of the tasks



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Campaign 3 Week 7 Strategy

The key thing this week is to save Monday’s Adventure Board (S4) to help with G2, etc.
Also, remember to save your Glory and Gem Keys for Friday’s new Mythic.

  1. Open 50 Gold Chests (B1).
  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).
  3. Craft 3 Green Summoning Stones (S1).
  4. Explore Zaejin three times at D7+ (S2) using the Goblin Banner (GN) for 22 wins (G1).
  5. As you go, you should quickly get 13 Green kills (B3), then 9 Goblin kills (B4).
  6. Switch to Thief Class for 4 wins (B5). If that doesn’t work with your Explore team, use 4 battles from the Dungeon, Pet Rescue, or possibly even the Adventure Board.
  7. With luck, one of your Explore runs will give you King Gobtruffle to kill one time (B6). Otherwise, look in the World Event, Amanithrax Daily or PvP.
  8. You can switch to Ranked PvP for 4 wins (B7) once Gobtruffle is killed, but I would wait until your Explores are done.
  9. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B8). Doing this task as early as possible could save you a Vault Key.
  10. Explode 450 Gems in battle (S3). Make sure it really is an “Explode”! (I discovered, rather stupidly, that Egg Thief just won’t cut it.)
  11. Whenever G1 is done, try to switch to a Zaejin team for 22 wins (G2).
  12. The easiest location to use a Zaejin team is while completing Monday’s Adventure Board (S4), though Dungeon or Pet Rescue also work well.
  13. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B9).
  14. Use a Dagger weapon for 4 wins (B10). Ideally, you can just use Skeleton Key while working on your weekly Ranked PvP.
  15. Correction: You’ll need to do Tuesday’s Adventure Board, as well, to finish S4 (stupid, dumb wording).

To help out other players, Goblette is probably the most harmless green Goblin, plus one Gobtruffle in the back: [6876,6876,6876,6759,3045,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033] When facing this team, make sure you can take out Gobtruffle before he starts looping! You can also put Gobtruffle in first, or on his own.

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Whoops! Shentang’s banner is probably better on defence, if you haven’t opened up the whole Underworld. Just anything with minus Green.

Put Gobtruffle in front! He will gain green faster, but he will be easier to take out will skulls :wink:

True. And if you use Frostmage against him, he can never loop.

TBH, a lot of these teams are too strong anyway, just because of how many stats I have!

Also for finding Gobtruffle:
if you have some spare daily delve attempts, you’re guaranted to fight Gobtruffle in Amanithrax Boss Battle
if you haven’t done quest line in Amanithrax, Gobtruffle is also guaranted to show up in battle 7…