It seems to me that based on the current state of the forums, new content is needed sooner rather than later

Am I the only one who has noticed a shift in tone over the last two weeks on the forum? I’m not talking about players getting upset at server issues (cough cough Who would do such a thing? :wink:), I’m talking about the multiple heated “discussions” taking place all at once.

It seems to me this tonal shift speaks to an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the state of the game. I haven’t seen this much heated debate since before the banning of two prominent players 6+ months ago. My guess is that without new content to infuse the game with new excitement, veteran players are starting to feed on each other more than normal. I think the delayed Guild Wars is partially to blame (though I do understand and sympathize with the devs for the reasons behind the delay…when stuff breaks you have to fix that stuff first).

Agree/disagree? If you disagree, if this is not an indicator of player boredom/dissatisfaction, what would you attribute this tonal shift to? Or am I imagining the whole thing?


I think that a few weeks of little content and little to look forward to causes people to lose interest. Happens to every game and most greatly impacts games that have a strong social focus as people end up spending more times voicing dissent than enjoying the game of moving on with their life.

Next thing you know, guildmates are awol, rewards slip a bit, top contributors feel shafted… Point is, games change and people change and we’ve gotta appreciate what we have while we have it.

And those 2 players you mentioned? Were they really prominent players or just prominent forum users?


Agreed but my hope is that the devs course correct before we get to that point.

You’d have to ask someone who was more active on the forums back then; I was just starting to get active (by a few months, I think) before they got banned but I do remember there seemed to be a lot of hostility back then, too (I’m not blaming those 2, though perhaps they were part of it, I just think the game was in a similar state of lethargy, and the players were restless)


Frankly, most of this tonal shift has been trollish. I think it has a lot to do with the increase in players. Go to any popular game forum, and you will see a similar level of negativity. That number just rises the more popularity the game gets.


I re-read my post and it sounds a bit volatile which wasn’t my intent.

TLDR it’s not your imagination; it’s gonna be okay though


Thanks for the clarification but I didn’t take it that way. :slight_smile:


I would definitely agree that some of it is Troll silliness but I’ve seen a lot of debate from veteran players that has been missing in the past.

I do agree that the larger the player base, the harder it is to keep that small game community love so here’s some love for all of you:

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Whining and trolling ppl really got you this time @ogunther :wink:


I’m actually not mad, just disappointed.

(Ha! I just used my latent Dad powers on you internet! Take that…and I’m not even a father!)


When I first came to the game, I read copious posts from disgruntled veterans that were unhappy that they had less to do in the end game. This is a constant problem. The end game gets extremely stale for the average person. Some just move on to new games without making a fuss. Others erupt and spew rage on the forum for months before going.

For me, I still love blowing stuff up and collecting cards. So, I’m “mostly” content. Although, I can see myself losing interest eventually if they don’t add a more strategic mode (or revamp Arena).


I think Asha’s in the right, here. The game is growing, and so is the number of players on the forum. It was inevitable that we’d get new Negative Nancies, #yoloswag couch jockeys, and baiters along with the good apples. This happens; though I am certain the 12-hour-on 12-hour-off moderation here doesn’t help things. A forum mod based in North America or Western Europe would greatly improve the response time when someone pukes into a text box and hits Submit.


Yeah for me the last great drought was in between the huge update that gave us Mythics and allowed us to upgrade cards and the more recent guild update. I waited almost a year for that guild update and I almost didn’t make it. I’m not to that same level of desperation, but if Guild Wars doesn’t scratch that itch, I’m afraid I won’t make it to the next big update after that (whatever that will be).


Yea, it looks like Guild Wars is a deciding factor for many people.


This game, I guess like any other, experiences rising and falling waves of enthusiasm. It’s been a while since there was major new content, but the last main update did give us the weekly events which are mixing things up and adding variety to pvp. I think there’s still work to do there but it’s steady progress.

The forum, like the game, comes and goes with levels of acrimony and trollishness. Try not to let it get to you.


The locals are getting restless…



Thanks for your concern but It’s not getting to me. :slight_smile: It was just something I noticed that I found interesting since the last time I noticed this was back in the previous content drought. I enjoy the forums and they can help keep the game fun and fresh but they don’t negatively affect my gameplay.

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Look at legolas just trollin in the background lol its kinda creepy…

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I haven’t noted a rise in heated discussions, let alone a rise in actual hostility - some isolated incidents, sure. Trolls, yes. People resorting to a veritable mountain of … irritating pictures … yes …