Isn't leveling kingdoms too expensive?

I guess I might be considered a mid-to-high level player (level 501), and personally I prefer the new system. I think under the old you could wait forever for the legendaries to drop and never get all your kingdoms to level 10. So you have to put in some time to earn the benefits - if you’re enjoying the game, why is that a problem? Even at my level, I still don’t have all the troops, but because of the change, all my kingdoms are at level 10. I had to work for it, but it was worth it. Every player has the chance to do the same.

I thought the price was exorbitant but then I went and got everything (left) maxed within a few days…

Compare the drudgery of going through the quests, and more importantly the challenges for EVERYTHING… to just straight up playing the game and banking the gold.

I am especially a fan of this opening up kingdoms to get more than eight troops. Be nice to see something new for, say, Khaziel - which hasn’t seen anything new all year IIRC, can’t remember when its last troops showed up (but I remember it being initially unannounced :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I think the price is an expense for sure, but it honestly FEELS more like im leveling my cities intrinsically more with gold than with souls. The thing I miss most however is getting a bonus on each city level. I DO wish you got SOMETHING when you leveled your cities, some kind of prize or something.

Well you get an extra life, armor or even magic (Karakoth) for ALL your troops. Plus increased chance of tribute, plus mana skills.

I have mixed feelings. I’ll be honest here. When 1.0.7 was released I almost quit the game for good. The change was so drastic and i hated the new look and feel. I spent a lot of time learning how the kingdoms and banners worked the old way and was finally getting comfortable with the gameplay when 1.0.7 hit and changed everything. It was very confusing.

I’m one of those that really enjoyed leveling my kingdoms with souls. I’m not a high level player with fully maxed out troops and kingdoms but I’m a comfortable mid-level 230 player and only missing 6 troops currently. I was working on the kingdoms 1 at a time. I’d pick a kingdom I had all the troops for and concentrate on leveling just that one. When the update hit, i have 5 level 10 kingdoms and most of the others to levels 3 or 4 with the occasional 5. All quests were done except for the new kingdom and about half the challenges. All my legendary troops are 15.

Ok, so obviously i didn’t quit. I stuck it out and now i’m comfortable with the changes. (TIP for those still struggling: Level Karakoth to 10!!!) I still prefer the old way though, but I do understand the change. The old method did limit the # of troops for a kingdom but I hate that with the new way you can buy a level 10 without ever setting foot in a kingdom or doing any quests or challenges. That feels wrong too.

I think i’d like a compromise. Buy a level 9 kingdom with gold but require the quest, all challenges and a kingdom Champion (1 level 15 troop) to turn it into a level 10 kingdom. I know that won’t happen. It wouldn’t be fair to the players that already spent gold on a level 10 but I can dream.


Actually, I spent quite a lot of gold on kingdoms under the new regime, but I support this idea completely!

Not sure if this has been pointed out, but you missed one level in your calculation. To level a kingdom from level 1 to level 10 would cost 255,500 gold. Times 19 is 4,854,500 gold to do them all. Only makes your point that much pointier. Ouch.

Wait–so the pattern of doubling the upgrade cost does not continue all the way to 10?

No, I think it is fixed to 20K for Level 8, 30K for 9, and 40K for 10. If I remember correctly.

No, it doesn’t.

The price to level up a kingdom are as such:
level 2: 500 gold
level 3: 1 000 gold
level 4: 2 000 gold
level 5: 4 000 gold
level 6: 8 000 gold
level 7: 15 000 gold
level 8: 22 000 gold
level 9: 30 000 gold
level 10: 40 000 gold


I see. Kind of like the troop leveling. Thanks. And sorry, tweety. I guess it is my ducks that are out of line.