Isn't leveling kingdoms too expensive?


Made some calculations:

To level 1 kingdom you need 122 500 gold.
We have 19 kingdoms, so 19 x 122 500 = 2 327 500 gold.
If i want to buy gold with cash, i have to buy 2 327 600 / 30 000 = 77,5 Dragons’s Horde (30K gold each).
Let’s round it up, so for 78 Dragon’s Horde i have to have 78 x 240 = 18 720 gems.
To buy 18 720 gems i need to purchuase 12,5 Motherlode of gems, each with 1500 gems.
Let’s round it down (everybody has some levels on their kongdoms) i have to spend 12 x 99,99$ to get so many gems.

It’'s freaking insane! 1200$ to level up all the kingdoms!!!

Another calculation:
Let’s say, that with Dragon Armor i can make 1000 gold for an invade.
2 327 500 gold needed to level up kongdoms divided into 1000 gives 2327 invades.
Let’s say i can do 15 invades a day - that gives 155 days of very active play to gather enough gold to level up kingdoms!

Still little insane. What do you think guys?


Er, no…

Part 1 - I can’t imagine anyone paying cash in to immediately level that much = daft comparison.

Part 2 - not insane really - quite mild… I’ve been playing almost a year, every day without fail… The word you’re looking for is dedication. Or you think it should be handed to you in a week’s play?


I don’t even play half as you do and I still have everything maxed even. All tought am leaving on the streets now since I use all my gold lol. So you are right, it’s not hard at all. ^^


It’s pretty expensive, but comparing real world money isn’t really meaningful.

You do get rewards for maxing out your kingdoms; I don’t have any maxed out yet, and yeah its really expensive (two guys here that already had everything maxed out saying it’s not that bad… ??).

I don’t play every day, but I log in every day to get the daily bonus.

The main things to do is:

  1. Join a guild. A top 50 guild will recruit you; there’s no downside to it. You’ll accumulate additional keys, gems, etc for free.
  2. Save your gems for Dragon Armour. Takes 2 months maybe, depending on guild contributions.
  3. In the meantime, play arena. It’s the best way to level up troops for a new player. Keep the difficulty on the easiest setting. There’s some arena guides here.

Levelling up the kingdoms is ‘nice’ but its not required to win, not at all. I rarely lose and I generally don’t even put a single legendary on my team. So yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it gives you a nice bonus. But it’s not required. So don’t worry about it.

I’d level all your kingdoms up to level 3 or maybe even 4, then focus on one at a time to bring it up to 10; Karakoth being the first since +1 magic is the best bonus in my opinion.

It’s a really far end goal though. My goal is just to get 1 to level 10. After that I’ll be happy.

The most insane game I ever saw for money and time is Dust 514. Apparently EVE Online is even worse if you want ‘everything’ (if that’s even possible). This is a cakewalk! :smiley: But great calculations. I do maybe 3-4 invades a day, and I don’t have dragon armour :frowning:

Will take me a few years apparently to level up everything.


Please don’t take our posts as belittling to newer or more casual players, that wasn’t the intention, sorry.

But… what you get out is a function of what you put in. I love the game, have played it since release, having played PQ1, PQ2 and Galactrix extensively in past times… So I’d be playing an hour a day anyway minimum - it’s my chosen game for my train commute…


Yeah and thats fine, but I’d be curious on the difficulty of levelling up kingdoms with gold vs souls. Since you both already had everything levelled up, how do you know how difficult it is? Anyone feel like doing those calculations? Assume a brand new player. Pre patch, everyone took their money and put it to guild tasks, which rolled into rewards. I have seen a sharp decline on guild rewards since everyone is pumping money into their kingdoms in my lowish guild.


Personally I find it a lot easier to level with gold than it was with souls. However this is my personal oppinion and is biased by the following facts:

  • I do have dragon armour
  • I prefer invasions over arena, therefore earning more gold than souls
  • since the update my guild contributions have dropped dramatically

On the other hand I actually tend to prefer the old system. It had this feeling of dual progression. The invested gold is simply “lost” now, whereas before you had usable level 15 troops.
Still, kingdom leveling progresses a lot faster now, plus we get neat bonuses for each kingdom, so I am not complaining ^^


Hey, just wanted to add my two gems since I had this exact discussion with a lower level player after we calculated the whole kingdom leveling price as well. (Note that I also have all my kingdoms maxed out, so I’ll try not to talk from an “older” player perspective).
I agree with Jainus that the real money conversion is pointless, unless you’re super rich and super impatient. Because frankly, if you want to spend money on the game, you’re better off buying a good armour, which is super useful in the long term.
However, I do agree that the new kingdom leveling is far harder for newcomers. I had all of my kingdoms almost maxed out before the patch, and it only took me two days to have them all at 10 after the patch, mostly thanks to the special double gold week-end. But my friends, who still hadn’t even done all their quests and challenges, felt really left out.
In my opinion, there are two main problems with the money leveling:

  • no incentive to do the challenges - they takes ages, you gain more souls more quickly through old school farming line-ups and the arena
  • no incentive to level up troops you don’t intend to use - why bother spending any soul on a troop if it doesn’t become useful in the least? Just hoard them until you get a new troop worth leveling, otherwise let them gather dust
  • my friend felt forced to spend his hard-earned gems in the Dragon Armour (he used only Celestial before) to accelerate the money-gathering process, even if he didn’t originally intend to buy it that soon

Also, and it might just be because we’re in a baby guild, it takes a lot of time to level up the kingdoms so we’ve decided zero contribution was required until the player is satisfied with their kingdom levels. Which translates to: I’m the only donator at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:
The price is steep, especially for newcomers since it takes a little time before the money starts rolling in.

On the other hand, I suppose souls and troops will find some more use with the next patch, so wait and see.

Edit: typos.


The other point which no one has brought up is its extremely easy to level a kingdom to 3 or 4. Once you do this you get a steady stream of tributes which help newer players. People say 1200 gold is crazy but if you work a job it’s faster to earn real world money than playing the game.

I agree with arch that a happy medium is just buying the starter pack and going for armour. It’s a very tough comparison comparing the souls approach vs gold approach but I’m looking forward to someone giving deep analysis and numbers to it.


Let’s not forget the other important thing that drastically hinders lower level players:

Bonuses now only occur at level 10 kingdom levels.

Before you could have a kingdom with some levels that gave you a slight edge while fighting in them, now you get nothing unless your kingdoms are level 10.


It was more from a guy who had to level 5 kingdoms from level 9 to 10 starting with around 140 gems and 23k gold and did it in 4 days while saving some gold for his weekly 100k donation to the guild hes part of. And am not the only one, several people I know did it too and faster due to their highest dedication to the game (Or free time lol.) Cant quite remember the exact numbers but am pretty sure the first 8 levels cost less than the last two. Back in the day each level cost avarage 2500 souls (Counting on that you are decent enough and had celestial armor it was at least 1h 30m on arena per level) and you got 2 levels from an awful and long Quest Line and repetitive “Challenge” fighting so sorry for thinking that now its easier. You can arguee that at least we level troops while leveling kingdoms but kingdoms alone are now way easier… :stuck_out_tongue:


52500 gold for the first 8 levels of each kingdom while the 9 and 10 cost 70k LOL. Anyone can have high chace of tributes now.


That is I think the big problem with the current system.
Today, getting my PvP rank, the lowbies I encountered (or who encountered me) had a much harder time against my all maxed kingdom bonuses. It does seem rather unfair.


So it’s easier for an end game player to level kingdoms with gold than souls.

A beginner does not have the troops to pvp quickly with any degree of success. They still need to play arena to gain souls to level troops then they can invade.

So top players agree it’s easier for them? New players won’t have the system comparison… looks like I’ll have some math theory for tonight. Any system designer want to chime in?


Yeah those poor level 25 players being matched against levels 300 with full legendaries level 15 and not other low level player right? I would feel so bad about them if I didnt had played the game for 7 months before having all my troops at max level.


I think NOW it is a good time to go back to the old invasion system months ago where you were put against players around your level. At least for lower level players (<100 maybe?).


More like poor me who has to spend hundreds of gold to get a shot at someone my own level or higher.


As a fairly new player (level 44, highest troop level 10, one kingdom at level 8, others at 1 or 2) the SCOUT feature brought me back to the game (the battle speed-up helped as well). I stopped playing in frustration a few months ago, but this feature lets me know right away if I have a good shot at a team, or if I am just wasting my time and sanity even attempting the fight.

Usually I am matched with someone between level 28 and level 70, so whatever has changed in the match making is generally working for me. True, I do have to spend a few hundred on skips here and there, but the scout feature has taken a lot of the pain out of PvP for me.


It’s nice to hear from a fresh perspective. Most everyone here is either mid-game or late-game players, so it’s difficult to know how early-game plays.

As for kingdoms, it’s easier to acquire tributes & mana surges for new players, and they can now plan out what kingdom stat boosts they’d like far ahead of time, so there’s no sudden jump on them like what happened to mid-gamers upon patch.

Honestly, it seems like mid-gamers are the only folks complaining, .7 patch or re-balance wise.
I’m a middle myself, and I’m humbly awaiting every new change/patch. :grin:


I’m level 90 so that makes me “early-mid”? I have two Kingdoms levelled to 10 and the rest around 3 or 4, which would not be the case if we were still on soul levelling as the troops I have at level 15 are all from different Kingdoms and I haven’t finished all the quests and challenges.

Occasionally in PvP I hit a later game player with heaps of Kingdom bonuses but as long as they’re not also running Venoxia/Webspinner with that immense Life they’re still beatable (even Goblins). Haven’t run into any Dragon teams with massive Kingdom bonuses yet.

So on balance, I think the gold levelling is easier/better for newer players than souls was, especially if the PvP matchmaking can protect newer players from late game massively bonused teams. By newer I mean below level 50, after that you should know how to scout.