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Is this the worst all faction team yet?

I am just making my way through this delve and I always stop off around level 200 or so to do a all faction team delve (hoard level 166 btw) and playing only the 4 matches I had to play took me about 20-25 minutes or so. It may have been less then that but it certainly felt that long.

Is it my imagination or are the Dev’s seemingly trolling us with this craptastic all faction teams while we plead with any of them to show us that they can complete a level 500 delve with the same team? I know that Salty deflects this suggestion over and over on her streams but why should we depend on her to play it, even she recognizes she is at best an average player. I think we should stop trying to get Salty to do it and get either Sirrian or Nimhain (both purposefully not tagged) to come on a stream and show us they can do it.

Or, am I an idiot and completely wrong and this team is not that bad? (I can be an idiot and still be right, I prove this every day).


Yes, this is the worst faction team yet. I did the resummoning harpies on launch, and this is much worse.


This gotta be intentional so people buy more tiers. At the same time it’s a lot of frustration added, so even if you go all in and even finish it - it will leave a BITTER taste in your mouth. Thank god I am not a hardcore player anymore, at least for now. :crazy_face:


Yes. Worst Faction Troops EVER!!! OMG, I would like to have a conversation with the people who came up with these troops. You know they had a ton of ‘development’ meetings about it…it’s like the joke is on us!


I doubt it… :zipper_mouth_face:

Crazy conspiracy theory

The Devs are secretly on our side, but while Gem expenditure keeps pushing up, the publishers won’t let them make Factions any easier.

So as a counter, they’ve decided to try break us, and break those spending habits, by giving us a Faction we’ll truly regret. I think they’ve got a real shot at it, from what I’m hearing :stuck_out_tongue:.

Note that I haven’t been doing pure Faction runs for a while, because I don’t want the extra stat points from Renown, so I don’t really have skin in the game – yet.


One of my guildmates had this to say… “managed to do 190 pure faction delve but that was so scary.” That level should be a cakewalk with potions and hoard levels and such… I’m scared too.


I think what bothers me the most is that, when a spell does one of 3 random things, each outcome should be a little overpowered to compensate for the RNG. For many of these troops, especially the legendary, each option is a strictly worse/more expensive version of an existing spell.

This is totally independent of delve criticism - it just seems like questionable design for a troop.

Also, if they’d released these troops as weekly glory troops, no one would have complained. It’s the fact that we’re forced to use them, and for the hardest content in the game, that’s frustrating.


Having one of the 4 faction troops having a spell that can do one of three things might be OK. Three of four is ridiculous particularly for faction troops. Since you can’t plan on any particular result, you’re reduced to random nonsense. It eliminates most of any skill a player brings to the game. My experience so far has been the least useful of the 3 possibilities has been the result most of the time. For example the first 2 times casting the chaos hound’s spell I got a summons with no room instead of creating skulls or doomskulls. The only reliable troop is troll because his spell does one thing. You can rely on that and given the spell it can backfire too.


Continued comments after a few more battles. Playing with all faction troops pure frustration. Let me give an example of my results at the easiest delve level. In the last 3 battles I cast the legendary troop’s spell 16 times. 15 of those were either jumble the board or explode a handful of gems. Whoopty-flippin do for such a troop. Only once did it do the damage. The battles were WAY longer than they needed to be. It took as long to do one battle as it should have taken to do the entire delve. IN that one battle I cast the legendary troop’s spell TEN times and didn’t get the damage inflicted result. The first result listed should be the typical or the most likely result. That did not happen.

BTW I did finally win that battle thanks to skull attacks. Even so the opponent agile trait was successful half the time and it’s only supposed to be 20%. Couldn’t prove that by my results.


Also you will notice that CPU will get mostly the AoE or explosion when they are using her. Yet to see that she have jumble the board for them.🙆

I used her about 20 times. And she jumbled the board 15 times for me.


@Jonathan. I think you could be right but despite that, at the end of the day it’s the devs who design the factions and troops. I think what is happening here is a direct result of the catastrophic mistake (business wise) that potions have created. 2 or 3K gems will generally finish the faction and that’s gotta be a headache for them because the planned gold sink has backfired. That’s why epic tasks landed and also why delve reward gold and gold in general has been obliterated. It’s hurried decisions based on pressure from producers that continually make gems worse. No treasure rooms in this faction event whatsoever. This is not a subtle ninja nerf like we’ve seen before…it’s a blatant resource attack based on the potion backfire. There is no constructive criticism to muster as far as the faction is concerned. It cannot be redeemed in any way. The domino effect of this is that the reputation of the devs is also now beyond redemption because they are the guys who build and release the changes. I am prepared to accept that this is not how the devs wanted their game to develop but it’s impossible to know who is really behind such vigorous larceny. The devs are clearly sick of non constructive feedback but when this is what they unleash on us it is completely understandable that they receive nothing but acrimony.


Just use 4 Dementicores. Every other new faction’s troop is basically working to your disadvantage.
P.S. i completed pure faction 500


I don’t think that Lyrasza’s Lair has the worst faction team. The Warrens has worse, imo.

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You are talking like it’s a piece of cake. Dementicore is almost as useless as the others. It never do what you want it to do. Silencing for the most part and it get worn off right away for the CPU.


Indeed, it’s hard to be fair when we get factions like this one. I am not going to finish the event, I figure the weapon was worth a T4 purchase as it’s different, especially with hexed as last affix, it’s serviceable. It may or may not be tbh.

I did faction at 110 because of no raven, got the raven at 100 by doing all. My first go, I lost in the Krystenax room. Dementicore went 5 drains in a row, 3 silences, no attack steal. The legendary - 14 casts, 1 created damage. Within this time frame Divinia had healed 5-6 times and Krystenax had cast 3-4 times. I cleared it next run, but failing at 110 is something that’s never happened for me.

I’ve now decided that I will farm this one, get the job done at 150 for both and leave it until gameplay changes are made. I get a little renown, I don’t waste on hoard and it’s easily beatable @150 with Crusher, Lep or Weaver and 2 Gray Kings to farm. If we ever see changes, I’ll revisit it then.

Adding further to your point, it’s also hard to be constructive when issues with factions go unfixed
for too long.

Off the top of my head;

Faction Hoard bonus was not applying properly (this was fixed the fastest)
Summoning was not working properly, particularly on Stonesong Eyrie (this took a while to fix)
Medals after room 1 are not showing (still not fixed).

It’s hard to be constructive, when if those fixes were the other way round, we know they’d be fixed instantaneously.

Medals - a system to upgrade troops but they do not work properly in factions…


What is your hoard level?
What level is your hero (to guesstimate your other bonuses)?

  1. But unlike 3 other troops Dementicore does not handle an easy win to AI team by bad create or or bad explosion or bad board jumble.
  2. All 3 variants of her spell will not play to your disadvantage unlike spells of other 3 troops
  3. If Attack steal works it’s essentially a 50% of victory conditions.
    Essentially she as ultra-garbage tier troop but for a pure faction run she carries all the fights here. While other troops either do nothing or handling an easy win to AI.

Hero level 1429
Hoard level 200 and +50% hoard bonuses from kingdoms
And I went nuts on Tier VII purchases after quite a few failed attempts at pure faction 500 and different combinations of troops. i will not say how many to not to crush other players hopes about pure faction :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer @Wyck, it kind of invalidates your previous post stating that you beat the level 500 with an all delve team with 4 Dementicores.

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