Is there anyway to drop ranks quickly in Casual and / or Ranked PvP?

I’m just wondering if there is any way for me to drop ranks in PvP (mainly ranked) as I’m just getting crushed in PvP now and I don’t mind a challenge but It would be nice to get more than 2 or 3 turns a match like I used to when i started playing.

Personally I think Gem Spawners and Looping teams destroy any strategy this game has to offer but that is a different post.

My questions is can I drop ranks fast and efficiently to go back to playing random teams that were fun rather than the 7k and up power teams I have now which are all Dragons, Justice league or Weekly buff teams (just those 3 really over and over in sometimes a slight variation like perhaps one in 10 I’ll get a double Kraken team with a couple insane mythics that result in the same type of game play where I get a few turns then they go and destroy my entire team or 75% of it before I get to go 1 or 2 times more then die usually before killing a single opponent).

If I stopped playing for “X” amount of weeks would that reset me to a much lower rank?
If i just started and left every match for say 20, 50 or 100 matches would that work? (as far as win ratios, IDK I was at 80% or higher until I hit level 250 and now it’s dropping like a stone I think I’m at 40% or lower already now at level 375. I am lucky now to win 1 in 5 I’d say on ranked and casual if I spend the 50 gold looking for teams I can usually find a team I have 50/50 chance at beating with in 4 or 5 searches.

Anyway just wondering if there any hope here or if I should just avoid PvP until such time as I get some cards and traitstones to make some troops that might stand a chance. Right now my top PvP team I used to get to 80% wins is only 5k strength and most teams I fight are 1.5 to 3k higher usually the 3 I mentioned above that just decimate my entire team in short order.

thanks for any advice (other than the expected “git gud” I’m sure I’ll see, that isn’t so helpful so maybe just say it aloud instead of typing it out for all our sakes :wink: )


Just go and lose a bunch of PvP matches in a row, that will drop you down. But… that is also part of an exploit so maybe its not a good idea to try.

I understand your position though but for a different reason, I put in 1 Troop Defense (henceforth and forum wide known as 1TD) so I could get a variety of opponents because contrary to what the devs state, your opponents are somewhat choosen by your defense team. (That is another idea, put up a super weak defense team of 4 troops, that will give you some easier opponents) . But then the Devs killed the 1TD and screwed up the game in the process (which remains screwed up now well over a month or two later).

Good luck.

Set the lowest defense rating team possible for you. Your opponents are still calculated by the rating of the defense you set. This will give you on average lower challenge opposition.


The OP is on console. Defense team has no impact on PVP matchups for us, so doing a 1TD or weak defense team won’t help him.

@Calv1n. If you recently went over level 200, the only thing you can do is slog through it and try to level and trait the troops that will help you.


Yep. Unfortunately same as 2 weeks ago.

My additional advise is to slow down, and spend a bit of time reviewing @Tacet YouTube channel. Find a PvP team you can build using your existing troop inventory and Trait it out. I don’t know what your currently using but I’m sure you can find something more successful.

Yeah I missed that part it seems, but it still works that way on PC/mobile.

For us (high level console players), the only option if we get tired of seeing the same meta teams is to not play PVP. We get a slight reprieve (on 1-trophy matches) each week while we work our way back up through the PVP tiers, but once you get to about tier 5, it’s all the same again. I usually take my 3-trophy matchups so I can get to Tier 1 ASAP, so it just never changes for me.

I hope the promised PVP rework is still in the plans, but they need to get through the unexpected GW rework, finish getting Unity out to Mobile, finish the crafting update and goodness knows what else before they get around to that…


Thanks for those replies @Stan I was told in another thread that the lower defence value was on the console version (Which I’d like confirmed now as I used to win 50% of my defence battles with my PvP team before changing it to the lowest 4 troops where i lose 95% of the them)

Unfortunately I didn’t know about the level 200 line which in my mind needs to be fixed and staggered to 200, 300, 400 etc so I am not fighting level 1300 guys at level 300 . As I’m VIP 8 I don’t want to restart just to level up slower for a more pleasurable game experience I just want to get some level of it back while I continue to play with what I have acquired so far.


As far as I know, there’s no official confirmation one way or the other, but from what I’ve observed and heard from other console players that I trust, changing your defense team has no impact on your PVP offers.

I believe the level 200 line is similarly inferred from reports of players like yourself who experience a sudden change in difficulty around that point. I think there are some other steps along the way, but they may not be as pronounced. For example, I’m over level 1000 and my wife is in the 900’s. She is in a more advanced guild than I am, but seems to get easier 1-trophy matchups than I do. At 3-trophy, there is no difference.

@Strat may know of some developer quotes on these matters if there are any. He’s got a good memory for that sort of thing…

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Since the 1td fix, 1trophy and 3trophys are usually meta given a lot of people still set 1 troop to lower their opponents. Problem is still for months since their fix it resets another full team which is usually a meta and gives an incorrect score and reward. It doesn’t matter much if their rating is pulling in 8k or 9.5k+ three trophy fights are about the same boring grief teams. So really there is no escape. The weak weekly event bonus means 80-90 psion,x,famine,x set as defense…its not that the team or any team is that hard to beat but its boring, unrewarding, and makes it where I’m playing less and less.

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Just to add to this a little.

I dropped my score a little to farm easier teams (have a 4 team defense of 4 Snowy Owls). When I was in Quimby (shout out to @Dan_ozzzy189) the easy fight ranged in scores from stupidly low to scores in the 9000s. I left the guild and while solo, that left moat match got into the mid 6000s on occasion but mostly was 7000 and up no matter how many times it was reset. Then I was back in Risin’Phreekz (shout out to @Ghaleon) and once again, that left fight was as varied as it was while in Quimby. Can’t tell you why being in a guild would create such a variation compared to not but it is what it is.

My defense team btw didn’t change at all during this so again I would agree with it having nothing to do with anything.

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Gem masteries.

These statements seem contradictory to me - can you clarify what you mean, and also maybe what level you are?

Yeah, but he’s saying that he was getting a narrower, and more difficult, range when he was solo than when he was in a high ranking guild (I think). That’s just weird.

That’s likely correct since he’s gaining 2k+ potential rating and invariably his range of peers would be a smaller pool.

This is common for many people entering level 200.
There is a visible spike in the challenge difficulty of the players you match up with.
Basically, this is a “Coming of Age” Line where you have to learn to be smarter about your team composition.
If your old team isn’t cutting it, then it’s time to explore new theme.
A usual good starting point is to think about “control” theme, where you control the board with gem transformers, and then make your own adjustments from there.

Good luck!

Overhaul coming and all but its way over due. The way to get the most out of the system atm is get 29 like minded people and start a new guild weekly. Sad but true.

The base PvP score… Lost a few so that would drop a bit to stay at rank 15. My personal level in the game is about 1080 now.

And I was finding easier matches when I was in the higher guild than I was when I was guildless. Matches 2 and 3 stayed the same level of difficulty but the far left match would give me a team maybe around 800 score and then give me one at 8000… The full variance. Guildless, that match was almost always 7000+ with a very few in the 6000 no matter how much I hit refresh. Technically I guess my defense rating would have dropped while childless but even so, the opponents offered were much harder than being in a guild. Very counter intuitive.

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How do you find that worked? I’ve never thought to try it. On busy weeks where I worry about getting enough seals, I’ll sometimes do a slow grind to the top by only taking one trophy matchups, but I’ve never intentionally lost a battle. Most weeks I just take the path of least resistance (3 trophies all the way unless it’s a team I don’t like) to get to tier 1 as quickly as possible.

Honestly, explore mode is easier than some of those lower scoring teams but thise matches can go by quickly obviously.

So it works but it is tediously boring. I tried it this week mostly because inwas only going to be around part time and wanted to see how it works as an alternative to always going the highest money match. Guildless, I do better with the ranked 3 trophy match as far as gold return for time spent. In a guild, I do better with the easy mode casual farming but again… Painfully boring doing it that way.