Is there anyway to drop ranks quickly in Casual and / or Ranked PvP?

Dont you set a 1td?

Its appears his bug is unrelated to my set defense, and yes I am tired of every battle being the same combination of four cards.

The bug is related to your one card defense in combination with Infernus third trait.
Already updated the other topic.
I normally play only the three trophy matches but your team was marked as revenge.
Then it froze :frowning:

I’m sorry bud, but I didn’t set it up for an intended effect like that. Further since its not the only set team I guess the 1td fix isn’t working quite as intended.

No problem - i will just avoid one troop teams with my new shiny Elemaugrim-Infernus PVP team until the devs fix it.
At the first moment it looked like a major bug with possibility to exploit. It took me some time to realise that it only triggers on a specific invade team.

In general i don’t care about 1td - sometimes i play them, sometimes not.

Its better than psion,famine,famine,famine isn’t it?

Well, not really. If only one troop burns Elemaugrims loop is not steady :slight_smile:
Since the damage goes to all cards the psions and famines burn and die faster.

Its your defense but you caught that. Unfortunately its about everyone else’s defense this week hence I’m running 1td.

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I know - a dilemma.
There is no good solution with interesting and changing def teams every week unless you invest a lot of time for testing the event troops. If there is no weekly event where i can help others with my choice of team psion and famine it is.

The solution would be that people electively choose not to sheepishly follow grief metas and apply some creativity to their defenses. This is the biggest grief I’ve read about whether it applies to PvP or guild wars. And its responsible for the burnout that has caused so many end game players to leave.

I can’t impact what team someone sets for their defense. As long as I am able to modify the pool of teams I see, I will continue to do so. If the option is taken away then likely I will abstain from playing ranked and exploit casual PvP as an escape as do most end game players that no longer setup 1td or 4x level 1 cards.

That kind of creativity takes time that i do not want to spend.
Im sorry if my bug posting were to lead to an end for your 1td solution. I personally do not care about it.

Mine solution has been - for some time - to create an invade team that does not care too much about the meta. If you have the mythics try my team from the screenshot. Let Elspeth kill Myzmer when the board is right and loop to the end. Its fast and fun and even has some variety to it with the different summoned troops.

I did not joke when i wrote that psions and famines burn fast. Sometimes the AI does not get one turn in PVP.

250+ wins 2 losses on the week so far with my current invade so winning isn’t much of an issue. And those are 1x speed numbers.