Is there a guide to the orbs?

I just got a Major Orb of Growth from a raid reward, and I don’t know what to do with it. Is there a guide anywhere on what orbs are available, what they do, where they can be used, and where they can be acquired?

Thank you.

Explanations can be found within the (extensive) patch notes.

In short, orbs do the following (minor/major)
Clans: 300 guild seals / 1500 guild seals
Growth: increase any troop 1 level / to max level
Wisdom: add one trait to any troop / complete all traits
Ascension: increase rarity of any troop by one level / increase rarity of troop to mythic
Power: increase any troop to mythic rarity, level 20 and 3 traits

You can get orbs as rewards within the new game modes: Raid Boss, Invasions and Bounty.

Also this post has a nice graphic:

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Plus, if you save them all for a couple years, you can craft an exclusive mythic that is already at the mid-low end of the power scale.


The orbs, save the wisdom orb, are garbage.

Ascension orb would like a word with you…


There is an almost finished guide to orbs now.

Agreed, I got the new legendary troop Hyndla Frostcrown, used ascension orb to go straight to Mythic.

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They’re also handy for raid/invasion/bounty troops, gnomes, Valraven…the list goes on.