Is the Kingdom Pass too short?

I’m sure this will be marked “not a bug,” but perhaps someone can read and digest what I’m saying, first.

I feel like we have far less time flexibility with the Adana Kingdom Pass than with previous ones, if we want to get all 50 stages.

In fact, if my primary school arithmetic is right (below), we now have to average 9 Battle Crashers per day instead of 7. Or, to put it another way, we can only miss 1.7 days of the 14 rather than 2.1 days per week for 5 weeks. This is not a reasonable ask of any casual player.

I would ask, “what the hell is going on here?”

Sadly, based on past history, a more appropriate question seems to be: “Who messed up the calculations, this time?”

Current Kingdom Pass

Time to complete: 14 days
Number of stages: 49 (1st stage is free)
Number of “Encounter Points” per stage: 5
Number of “Encounter Points” per Battle Crasher: 2

Total “Encounter Points” Required: 5x49 = 245
Total Battle Crashers Required: 245 / 2 = 123
Average Battle Crashers per day: 123 / 14 = 8.78 (max is 10)
Max Days Skippable: 14 - (123 / 10) = 1.7 = 0.85 per week

Previous Kingdom Passes

Time to complete: 35 days
Number of stages: 49 (1st stage is free)
Number of “Encounter Points” per stage: 5
Number of “Encounter Points” per Battle Crasher: 1

Total “Encounter Points” Required: 5x49 = 245
Total Battle Crashers Required: 245
Average Battle Crashers per day: 7 (max is 10)
Max Days Skippable: 35 - (245 / 10) = 10.5 = 2.1 per week

Tell me I’m wrong? I dare you. – BSc(Maths) / BE(Hons1)


Both can be right. The previous Kingdom pass could be too long, and the new one too strenuous. If you miss 2 days in the new one (one weekend, or one day per week) you now need to spend gems if you want full rewards.

Some of the changes have been overall good: They put in the flat encounter rate (30%) for the battlecrasher to reduce people complaining about chasing the last one for hours. (I would just give up after a little while, and do it another day). I personally like the gradually decreasing rate, though it would have been nicer if it was more gradual, like decreasing 1% from 25% to 16% after each beaten battle crasher.


I mean the 5-week pass was way too long and grindy though.

I suspect the lower margins for missing on the 2-week version are a consequence of picking nice round numbers for the duration / points-per-stage / points-per-crasher while keeping the number of stages the same.

There’s also complaints in another thread that this doesn’t give as many replays of the bonus stages for paid kingdom pass holders as the old model did.

To devil’s-advocate this: should all events be expected to be completable by casual players? Isn’t pretty much the entire point of the kingdom pass to encourage players to play more regularly?


should have been somewhere in the middle of the two

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Am I the only one that likes the much shorter version? I never missed a single battle crasher in the old version, but this feels much better and is actually fun again.


I came here to post this same thing, but also to mention that Royal Pass holders lose a bunch of rewards also. The maximum number of rewards that can now be claimed, including the free one, is 57 rewards, whereas it was 71 before.

Royal pass holders now get 14 fewer rewards, which works out to a loss of

  • 6 tokens of orpheus
  • 10 gems keys
  • 3 vault keys
  • 3 orbs of chaos

The obvious and most simple fix would have been to reduce the amount of points per level needed from 5 to 4. If they had done that, the math would have worked out the exact same.

I appreciate the changes, but please just reduce the points needed per level from 5 to 4.


Three weeks maybe? 21 days x 10 battlecrashers per day = up to 210 battlecrashers, which (at an original rate of 1x) isn’t enough for the full reward track, while at the current rate of 2x (up to 420 crowns) it is arguably too much. Maybe if the first 5 Battlecrashers were 2 Crowns and the last 5 were 1 Crown (total = 15 Crowns per day, x 21 days = 315 crowns / 245)

As an example, 6.9 hit Switch about two weeks into our current (still 5-week) Kingdom Pass, which meant three weeks with double the Crown payouts.

I do like the current version MUCH better. Getting the 10 battlecrashers is easier per day with the flat “drop” rate. And since the pass is shorter, you’re not spending the next month+ grinding and chasing battlecrashers every day. THAT’S what grinds your enthusiasm to a fine powder.
Yes, you can’t “coast” or “skip” as much, but the overall effect is way less grinding, which is badly needed.


I mush prefer this version too. I find the kingdom pass tedious, the shorter the better :blush: Seriously, week 5 of kingdom pass is when I start getting the almost incontrollable urge to quit the game.
And it’s only been one day, but it feels like the 10 daily battlecrashers are easier to get now, so :+1: :+1:
Plus the counter of daily battlecrashers is super useful :+1: :+1: :+1:

For once, a change I approve of.


I already feel shafted, since I only got 2 crowns yesterday, as all my crashers came when I was doing the Adana trials, and I either lost the battles or reloaded them (having learnt to quit when something goes wrong to save time), but it still counted them. I thought it was fine as it was.

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I HATED how long and grindy the old kingdom pass was. I always skipped them after I fully completed the very first one. I gotta give big kudos to the devs for making the kingdom pass not only less awful overall this time around, but enhancing it with telling us how many crashers we’ve completed daily. I’m incredibly pleased with this change.


I’m also really happy that we’re going to get the rewards sooner, and our kingdom power up quicker.

The few missed rewards at the end don’t really matter to me.

There’s also always the issue that a player may not have time when something in the game happens. Holiday events are the same thing.

Invest gems and you can still fully catch up. In other games you lose out if you miss a few days.


What platform are you on?

I’m on mobile and losing a battle doesn’t count towards your daily encounters

Losing. 0/5 crown, 1/10 encounter

Winning next battlecrasher. 2/5 crown, 1/10 encounter

Losing 2 battlecrashers, 2/5 crown, 3/10 encounter

Winning next battlecrasher. 4/5 crown, 2/10 encounter

The encounter goes up when you lose but corrects itself when you beat a battlecrasher

10/10 for the day


I play on PC and mobile, but it happened on PC yesterday. It was stuck on 10/10. Reloading the game or loading it on mobile did not fix it. I did a ton of PvP battles afterwards and didn’t get a single further battle crasher.

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You might want to open a separate bug report with screenshots to demonstrate the issue


I did yesterday, but no response.[quote=“noob, post:16, topic:79943, full:true”]
You might want to open a separate bug report with screenshots to demonstrate the issue

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Me too, I much prefer this version! 35 days was far too long and boring!


I didnt get the new system or missed something. are we supposed to be at stage 9 today? 4 stages a day? feels super tight to not use gems if it is so.

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It definitely is, if you miss more than ONE day you’ll need Gems to make up the difference.

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I like the new version also. Five weeks of waiting for that last battle crasher of the day to finally appear? That was tedious.