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Is the 3.1 update "good" or "bad'' ? Poll

  • Good
  • Bad

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No inbetween votes or “I don’t care” or whatever. So vote either way or don’t…
Just thought I would do this out of interest. Feel free to comment though :slight_smile:


Too early as I haven’t weighed the new guild tasks.


Overall it is good, but it has some really strange design choices with certain aspects.


There is nothing that excites me about the update, it’s delayed for consoles, crafting takes ages and the Guild Tasks nerf is ridiculous.

So I guess it’s GOOD… NOT.


Woul like to give feedback on the poll. For now on its bad because consoles are not getting it yet! A friend of mine is freaking out he plays xbox and his friend mobile but the see each other every evening and now the mobile guy is playing with the new stuff and the xbox gamer can just watch…

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to me its good due to crafring, ill bear with the tasks somehow considering we do have a 4x speed now

At first glance I think it’s bad, but I’ll give it a shot anyways.

  • Traitstone crafting is too soul-expensive for me. I rather farm them in Explore. I need the souls for my troops.

  • The exclusive weapons however gained my attention and I will try to get them. Paying 1000 souls once to get an exclusive weapon might be worth it.

  • The dungeons don’t take much time so I’ll do them daily. I’ll also complete any quests and challenges I have left.

  • If it’s no PVP event, I’ll also deal with the snotstone events, unless the questline epic of question is already fully ascended.

So I’m not really quitting yet, as I said earlier in the patch notes thread. But I agree with @Tacet that some design decisions are questionable, especially that gem sale.

Most of it I really like. There are a few things that I wish they would have done differently. However it is very early and I’m sure there will be some changes

The only thing I wanted in 3.1 was an end to the “Justice League’s” one turn win on console. I’ll hold off my vote until early next week.



All this stuff has been said and discussed ad infinitum in other threads. Are we going to hang on about forever?

Overall good. Finally a tiny bit cleverer CPU that can ignore skulls, I have been waiting for this.
For Guild Wars it always should be risky going full daily color, as it is fairly slower, also the defends teams has a lot of more options. It should be hard to get a perfect 30 wins in Guild Wars, and finally it is.

That they will reduce the gems income through tasks is a big blow tho.


I’m agree with you ! You really misprononce !

The joke is starting to gets old now, not even funny anymore. :wink:

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If you could please change the vote a little so we could see who is voting for Bad.

This patch…


Yes but they seem to go for 4 ways instead of 5 ways alot, lol.

Overall I really like the update the soulforge is somewhat costly but soul wise I have no problem with my super fast soul grinding team and I like the crafting and somewhat difficult dungeon, I did laugh at the super nasty death yesterday.

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Its still good to see that the CPU is finally in the right direction now, after all the years with a CPU that was as stupid as a worm.


If you could please leave the vote anonymous, because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion without being pointed out in public.


Yeah the A.I. was just terrible, “lets turn this color into a color netting no mana and giving the other team tons of extra turns”. lol
Yeah the A.I. is less predictable now, which is somewhat annoying in the case “I left skulls for you why didn’t you take them.” I have had skulls sit as an option for 6 turns with out them taking them, or me. lol

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I am gonna leave it anonymous.