Is Sunbird supposed to respawn limp?



This is on iOS.

Were its stats boosted before it died?

It is implemented as “Kill myself. summon” so like Werewolf and Villager, the troop will return with base stats. Team bonuses will apply, but any other modifications (including Spirit/Brand/etc. traits) will not.


It’s stats were boosted with the event stats I think. But this makes the bird useless, especially in GW.
And all stats were indicated in white, so not even team bonuses were applied.

Birds is ok for low level players.

Any unit that respawns is hardly “useless”. But as for team bonuses, they’re only ever applied at the start of a battle.

I play on mobile and noticed the same. My basic stats for the sunbird are attack: 13, armor: 7, life: 38 and I start the game with 13, 7 and 41 (life boosted). However, after the first resurrection I get 8, 3 and 22…after the second: 7, 2 and 19, after the third: 7, 1 and 17 and after the fourth: 6, 0, 17… does this happen only on mobile or also on PC?

Perhaps the bird’s magic is limiting its summon level?

Well… I just had a funny little interaction while testing this. Took my level 5 untraited Sunbird into battle with 15 magic and casted it. It respawned as a level 15 sunbird with higher stats, as I expected. After battle, it was still level 15, now with 20 magic. If done more than once, I could get him up to his current level cap. Playing another battle or restarting the game reverts him to level 5, so its an issue with client data storage (like the 9x stat summons on Warlord IV).

So yes, the bird’s magic affect its rebirth level. This would make him a rather bad troop early game, where you don’t have the skill bonuses would continually summon it at a lower and lower level, much lower after the first cast and probably one-shottable without significant magic bonuses (base magic of 7 at level 17, which would utterly cripple it after one cast). In contrast, Werewolf and Villager will be at their current level in your collection (but this is a transform, not a summon) and do not suffer this problem, but you have to obtain and develop them both for them to be effective.


I actually have a power house team with him… Minagor, Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Sunbird.

I’ve managed to win 69 of the 75 trophy 2/trophy 3 battles. In fact I have managed to have Sunbird left and took out two Famine because of the respawning and 109+ points of damage it can do.

I love this critter.

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And he took out Draak and Kerb - NICE :wink: I like when I can kick the Kerb to the curb.