Bug with sunbird?

I noticed a decrease in the sunbird stats after each resurrection when playing on mobile. My sunbird starts with 13 attack, 7 armor, 41 life (boosted, basic is 38) and 18 damage, after the first resurrection I get 8, 3, 22 and 14, after the second only 7, 2, 19 and 12 and so on. It seems that others have also noticed this (Is Sunbird supposed to respawn limp? - #5 by KelpTheGreat). In addition, the second trait seems to work not properly as I don`t get the indicated +1 life at the start of each turn.

This is an expected consequence of them using the existing summoning mechanics to resurrect him since his level will be limited by the magic of his summoner (his past self), but I’m not sure if it’s intended. I am playing on the PC version and his regeneration trait is working for me. I have no idea about mobile.

I HAVE encountered a significant bug with him, though. His new level is persisting after battles, which definitely shouldn’t happen (again, this is on PC). This seems to be entirely client-side, though. If I try to level him back up, it throws an error, and if I restart the client his level is back where it should be.

Edit: Except sometimes this DOESN’T happen and he pops back to his expected level. I do not know what is causing either of these things.