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Is Spring Imp worth buying 6 times for mythic?

I am not sure abut it. It has good stats and the ability does a lot, but only uses one mana type.

I don’t see why not, if you are swimming in glory this week. If nothing else you get 30,000 gold and 12 arcane traitstones out of it.

Plus every mythic gets you closer to a level 5 city :slight_smile:

Yes. It’s worth buying enough to unlock all 2 traits. It’s a great troop if you like green combination decks.

Except the imp kingdom Primal doesn’t have power levels (yet?).

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Plus monocolor Arcanes are meh.

Of course, if a Primal Kingdom appears, having these at Mythic now would be way easier than after. Case in point, I’ve got two troops not at Mythic and they’re both Imps.

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And why not making her a mythic? 2500 glory won’t do much difference, and besides you get arcanes and some keys in the bundle.

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The event unit can be better next week.

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It’s a personal question based on how much you play. If you generate 3000 glory or more a week my personal vote is that it is worth getting to mythic because mythic. However if you don’t generate that much glory and getting 6 copies dips into your funds for next week then it is up to you and if you will enjoy or play the card enough to risk not having enough for the next weeks event.


The above is solid, solid advice.


Personally purchased it 14 times, for no reason other than getting Arcanes.


Normally there should be one week with a troop and another one with a weapon, etc.
This last chest gives you a weapon for 300 glory and if we forget about the arcanes, you should take only one.
That means during this week, you can save a lot of glory and use it during a weekly event wih a troop ;-).

I don’t know when the weekly weapon chests come back. Maybe soon, maybe not.

How many Arcane Stealth (double green) Traitstones you need to fully trait Spring Imp?

Should be 18 for Spring Imp.

Another 18 are required for the Archer class, and 6 more for traiting the 6 green commons, so the maximum amount you can currently use is 42.


Wow… i was really thinking about getting the imps and fully traiting it… But i would spend all my glory this way.

How did you get 7,000 glory this week?! Do you just PVP like a fiend? Treasure maps at each coffee break?

I map like well a night crawling vixen.

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Treasure maps seem to give more glory than PVP

I had about 9k from not purchasing a great deal the week prior. I did complete quite a few trophies, (purely due to the event at the time), but as most people will tell you however, Glory is better obtained through tributes or gold/glory keys.

Edit: also I don’t use maps

Tributes really seem to be the key for accumulating a lot of glory. Those of us on mobile devices have an upper hand with tribute collection. On weekdays I use the iPhone timer in hourly intervals to collect tribute, just takes a few seconds each time and I think I can grab about 3K glory each week and twice as many souls that way.