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Is Pharos Ra in the event chest?

We are more than happy to sort this out for anyone who contacts us and spent resources in the four hour window. :slight_smile:


What about Yasmine during FoT week? Taransworld says that she was not even in the event keys drop pool, and I spent 100-200 keys back then!

Yes she was available in the chests :slight_smile:

By the looks of it, the Event Chest mythic chance for Forest of Thorns week (3/26/18-4/1/18) may have also been set to a hard zero (troop chance for ultra-rares again at 85%, when they should be at 84.88% when a mythic is available, because mythics are 0.12% troop chance from event keys), making her technically “in Event chests” but not actually possible to draw much like Pharos was at the beginning of this week. She was in all the other chests.

I asked the dev team when I wrote my last message, but I’ll go and confirm this!

Please do, a lot of my guild members tried very hard for Yasmine’s Chosen. I feel bad if they had absolutely no chance at getting one instead of just striking out.

As a rule I never use keys until I see someone pulling the troop I want or someone confirming it here in the forums.

Then again, if everyone did that we would get nowhere.

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What time exactly was this four hour window ?

What? Yasmine’s Chosen wasn’t in FoT event chests? Hey, devs, do you know how much glory (for event keys) and gems i spend to get her?

It looks so. Pharos’ drop rates were almost 0 in the first 4 hours after reset, and Taransworld showed that. It also shows that Yasmine wasn’t in the event drop pool that week, even though Cyrup claims she was.

EDIT: How many EK did you spend back then?

Point of fact - not almost zero. Literally zero. The way troop drops works is that a type is rolled (troop, or “other”) and if troop is rolled a rarity is rolled, and then a troop is rolled from that rarity. Pharos was available as a drop in the event key pool, but the chance to pull a mythic from an event key if you rolled a troop was set to zero (85% UR, 12% epic, 3% legendary for those 4 hours instead of the correct 84.88% UR, 12% epic, 3% legendary, 0.12% Mythic), making him impossible to draw. The same thing appears to have happened during Forest of Thorns event - YC was in the event key drop pool, but the chance to draw a mythic from an event key was also set to zero, meaning she was impossible to draw.



0% Mythic rarity drop :cry:

What time was the reset?

Several hundred, i think

did you get your event keys back?

I sent a ticket yesterday, usually it takes 2-7 days.

Same here, spent 450 Event Keys - 15 minutes after reset, have put in a ticket.

I don’t know if this is related to the way the Unity build is currently designed, but it seems to need more developer hands on, post reset (based in PC players blind trust the troop is present right after reset). But this “not in the chest problem” has been ever present for 2.5 years on console. It might behoove PC/Mobile players to start considering my (console) chest opening ritual from years of past experience.

…Yes, I have been burned on this issue (more than once).


I’ve been following this ritual for awhile now because of the first “troop missing in chests” fiascos on PC/Mobile. So now, I watch for the troop drop on global, and I look at Taran’s chest website to confirm the troop is actually in the chests.


I learned a long time ago to not use important keys the morning of a reset. I get why people are frustrated, but this really isn’t nothing new. The best way to deal with this problem is to just wait and use your keys after the troop has been confirmed by Taran’s World or others, as @Ashasekayi stated. Constantly running into the same problem and then complaining to the devs and going through that hassle just makes it harder on the player. Waiting a couple hours to confirm that any bugs that might have slipped through are fixed is the best option for the future.