Is Pharos Ra in the event chest?

Hi everyone!
Did anyone find Pharos Ra in the event chests?
I spent about 2k EK for it and i found nothing.
Was it just my bad luck or a bug?
Can anyone confirm it?


I saw a message that one of my guildies found a pharos ra

Not sure if they crafted it or found it though i guess

After 5 hours from reseting i saw the first one on global.

The story:

  • pulls the game data to show what is in the chests. As of reset, Pharos-Ra was not in the chests.
  • As of about 20 minutes ago, Pharos-Ra had been reintroduced.

This probably means if you file compensation tickets, “Oh, it was always in there, you are mistaken, ha ha! We never mess up troop rotations.”

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All troops are added within 3-4 weeks, considering Pharos-Ra was added in 5 hours they made their SLA easily. :wink:

Wait, is Pharos-Ra really confirmed to be in EVENT chests now? As far as I understood it, you can pull him by buying tiers in the event store, which would also result in a global message.

As the poster above me pointed out, I did get a Pharos-Ra from buying a tier in the raid boss shop (although I already had crafted him weeks ago in the soul forge). Don’t know about event chests though.

He definitely is available in event chests since the ones you get from the raid shop or soulforge don’t show up in global chat

Pharos-Ra is now on Taran’s World’s chart, which means it’s in the game data, which means if it isn’t in the pool now there’s an even more severe bug than “no one can remember to maybe double-check the troop pool on Friday before leaving the office”.

Thx for the replies, it seems i just had a really bad day.

It was the first what i saw. It was 2PM GMT+2.

So was Pharos Ra in the drop pool in the first hour of reset or not?

That is what i want to know too, maybe the devs can answer this question.

Several people got Pharos-Ra since the last 6h, but in first few hours from reset nobody got one. It seems clear that it wasn’t in the event keys when reset hit this morning…

Similar problem here. Was Yasmine in the event chests during FoT event? Taransworld says she was missing. Did anyone pull her with EK?

Pharos Ra was in the pool at reset. However, his drop rate was incorrect and this was fixed four hours after reset.

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From the looks of it, his drop rate was zero. Explains both why the parser didn’t pick him up at all right after reset (it doesn’t display troops as “missing” if they are in any chest, and Pharos was in event chests but the chance to pull a mythic rarity troop for that chest was set to zero at week start).

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So who compensates us for gems wasted in TRYING to pull a mythic that wasn’t ACTUALLY a possible drop? I only had the pull 10 option and another 6 single pulls from gems as well as 5 event keys, but I wouldn’t have wasted the gems if I knew he wasn’t ACTUALLY dropping

If you opened chests during the four hour window that this issue occurred, you can contact support with the Request Type set to ‘Missing Rewards’ and we’ll look into this for you. :slight_smile: