Is Medusa in drop pool?

Someone asked three weeks ago, can anyone post here a screenshot of finding Medusa in chests?
Or is it another Hawthorngate?

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Shouldnt she be craftable in the Soulforge?

It’s still only the new mythic til Friday morning though

yep, but thought anyone got her before new mythic arrived last Friday, should be in pool since weeks

next cycle i assume, so starting next week

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Yeah this is true, I think she should of been in 2 weeks ago but I can’t recall seeing her either. GoW, consistently inconsistent :speak_no_evil:

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Week 7 of campaign. Im assuming the devs forgot to put her in the drop pool.

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Hey all,

As @Hawx pointed out there is a current new Mythic currently, but the team is working on adding her to the pool within the next week or so!
This was delayed due to the office being closed for a number of different holidays this month.

Once I get more information or a confirmation on the day, I’ll get an update out. :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

3 weeks later. sigh

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Any news? is it already in chests? and xenit?

They should do somethin on 19th, since they said this a while ago:

Date off work / on holiday ?
22 - 27 September
5 October
8 - 11 October
15 - 18 October
1 November

Xenith and premium Hellcrag troops should be on mid November

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Hey all,

This hasn’t been forgotten, followed up yesterday and Medusa is being added in on Monday.


Am I missing something?
Medusa was supposed to be added at the latest 4 weeks after the Campaign ended - these were your own words.
You know your holidays and if you delay a troop release due to this - YOU SHOULD BE HONEST about it - upfront, not 9 weeks after…

Another lie… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


9-10 weeks after the campaign ended.

And the excuse is because the staff was off too much when it was intended to be released?

Perhaps if your staff did their work when they were actually at work then being off wouldn’t delay the release of cards in a card collection game.



I should really ask for refund of few thousand gem keys. Maybe 3-5k. But cba, cause im sure pretty it wouldnt happen.

Anger would require me to care and want to get a relatively worthless mythic.

Disappointment would require me to expect anything from the dev team as a whole at this point.

All i feel is empathy for those who try to pull this mythic but have meager key and gem stashes, wasting their efforts in the end. The concept of trying is something i feel is becoming too foreign for this dev team as of late.


The spell isn’t wonderful.

But that third trait alone (Curse and Stun on 4+ matches) makes Medusa a reasonable choice in a lot of configurations. I see her starting to show up in Guild Wars defense teams up in Bracket 1, likely just on account of that trait alone.

I think, the troop was designed as an (overdue) Elementalist killer. If it is ever released, we will see, how well it does in this regard.
They just did not do themselves or the game a favour by releasing such an overpowered class.

As both you and Kezef have pointed out, the third trait is the only redeeming aspect of Medusa. That’s why i mentioned it as relatively since it does have uses.

I agree that it is another potential counter to Elementalist, but it is also far from a perfect counter. A Kurandara with any stun like Obnixias would undoubtedly hit the hero, without rng for cursing the right target.

In my opinion, there are better methods with less rng. I’d rather go into a battle with Zuul unexisting the hero before rolling the dice to curse & stun it, assuming there isn’t a cleanse or bless at the ready.

Elementalist is a great goblin team counter, but is not an absolute counter as you need to proc the hero trait on a non impervious goblin and hope they don’t cleanse. Even without Beetrix on some teams, i can vouch the elementalist in those battles was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine when the rng and board says no.

On that train of thought, it does make this particular situation worse. The team paywalled a counter to particularly frustrating troops and heros, then messed up the proper release schedule without any in game notification or even a forum notification until recently.



It’s 3rd trait is good. It also scales with blocks, so can do decent damage 2nd or 3rd cast. 150 true damage isn’t impossible.

First cast isn’t good.