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Is Lycanthropy the dumbest idea ever?

Very well worded and ties a lot of the complaints together.

Honestly, if Lycanthropy halved a troop’s level upon proc, I’d have much less of an issue with it.



If I’m praying to be hit by something that’s supposed to be detrimental to me, then it’s not actually detrimental.

Of course, I don’t want to be hit with it at all if I’m not already affected by negative statuses or otherwise injured. But that means it’s only “negative” Turn 1, when it can screw up a team synergy. But that’s a laughable edge-case of “utility” for this effect to actually be negative.

On the other hand: do I ever want to inflict it on my enemy? No — not even when my enemy is without a current debuff — so it must not be a good negative effect because I would never willingly choose to inflict it even on Turn 1

So it fails on both sides:

  1. If I’m afflicted by Lycanthropy after other status effects or injuries, it actually helps me survive by providing a chance to cleanse and/or heal

  2. If I inflict Lycanthropy on an opponent I have to bite my nails and hope it doesn’t activate and potentially make said opponent healthier or otherwise stronger than it was prior to being “afflicted” regardless of when/where I do the inflicting.


The walking dead - no man’s land.

I at least can’t recall a problem with communication (to qualify my statement).

Still playing the game after many years and there’s always something new to play with and enjoy.

Playing gems more but it’s way newer for me so that is probably why.

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Thanks! Maybe I’ll give that a try sometime — I actually really enjoyed the Walking Dead point-and-clicks from Telltale Games; the universe is interesting enough to hold my attention story-wise even if there’s not a lot of “gameplay.”

If you happen to do and like it, let me know. I can connect you to a lot of people and resources.

It’s more like a turn based strategy game in a way. But even with their own made up storyline finished and twd coming to an end soon, there will still be lots of new content I’m sure.

I know quite a few still play the game but don’t watch the show anymore so I guess that speaks for the game.

It is monetized, of course, but I still think it’s fair to f2p.

Totally OT, sorry. :sweat_smile:

To spin that back to gems, I wish they’d find the right balance between money making and player satisfaction. I hope they do as I still find the game enjoyable. I’m even willing to pay for some things.

Make me happy, offer me good deals, and I’d buy more stuff. That’s how it works for me. :wink: