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Is it possible to dump the update & revert back to what we had?

The 3.1 Update is an unmitigated disaster. Everyone is angry, players are leaving, and mostly the game is just much less fun to play.

Hey Devs, we all make mistakes! The important thing is to own up to those mistakes…

How about just reverting to the previous version for PC/Mobile players?

I don’t care about SoulForge or Dungeons.
I don’t care about 4x play.
I really don’t care about your Unity code base.

Admit you screwed up, revert the game, and go back to the drawing board!

You can’t be forgiven if you don’t show some regret and try to make things right! Just sayin’…


The devs likely don’t control game direction. The higher-ups at IP2 do, and give the devs their marching orders.

I’m as upset by the update as the next person but please try to place fault where it belongs.

If the devs do control game direction, then just ignore me, but at most shops the devs are just following management orders and trying to earn a living.


Fair enough… one meta-complaint I have with this game and game companies in general is the opacity of the decision-making process. I frankly have no idea who made these decisions and more than anything else I’d really like an honest accounting of how crap like this happens.

If you say that the awfulness of the update was caused by ‘higher-ups’, fine. But who are we talking about here? Project Managers? Marketers? Game Designers? Corporate Officers? I have no idea.

However I apologize for impugning the Devs if in fact they weren’t the ones who made all these bad decisions!

As opposed to, say, the decisions made by Google or Microsoft or Oracle or Facebook?

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Yeah, I know. I work for a large corporation and it’s the same here. Decisions that affect my team are made 3 or 4 levels above us and there’s a lot of “following orders”. I don’t know if IP2 is set up that way or not, and I’m completely on board with your disappointment/upset about the update. I just try to throw stones at the right window.


Well… yeah! Those companies are big enough that what they do gets covered by the mainstream news media as well as the specialized tech media.

What game companies do is mostly covered just by the specialized ‘gaming media,’ which as far as I can tell is mostly just part of the marketing and distribution chain for these games.

I guess I’d just like to know what’s going on instead of being handed a press release. I know that that particular desire is gonna go unfulfilled, but there it is.


I just want to know what happened to all the ideas and suggestions that players on these forums submitted themselves on that one thread.

But isn’t @Sirrian still the founder of IP2. At least that is what is listed on LinkedIn Company profile.

So unless he’s no longer the CEO or Founder, I can’t see why he doesn’t have a choice


It seems to me that the biggest genuine problem is the changes to AI. As I understand it, that was largely a result of the port. I don’t think the higher-ups had anything to do with that decision. I can’t imagine they said, “More RNG please!” That doesn’t really make sense.

But it would be REALLY nice if they would acknowledge some of the complaints and issue some sort of official statement. Radio silence definitely doesn’t help.


Lol look like i am the only one who like this update, except the gems nerf i think everything is fine. All i wanted is a justice
Fix and they did awesome job to fix it without breaking the troop. Been able to craft a specific mythic is just the cherry on the sundae.


I like Soulforge well enough.

My point was that I’d gladly go without it & the speeded-up gameplay if it meant
• no more crashes,
• no more AI getting 4 and 5 gem matches 3, 4, 5, 6 times in a row,
• no more horrible Troops page interface,
• and gems back in the Task rewards!

… to name just a few of my issues with the 3.1 update! :poop:

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This seems unmitigatedly false seeing as the game is still here, tons of people still playing, money still being spent on it, forums still active, etc etc etc.

Also false, I’m still quite happy playing and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Of course it’s always possible I may be the only one however unlikely that is. Always love when people project their feelings on the population at large, because clearly everyone else must feel the same way they do.

Meh…suppose some probably are.

I humbly disagree.

Hard to show regret if one doesn’t regret their actions. Not sure why the devs should regret evolving the game or adding a ton of new content & features for players to explore and use.

Just saying…

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Lots of the new stuff is great. The problem is with all the good stuff, we also got that crappy mana generation code and skull fall, the one PC players have complained about for a long time. Now mobile has the same stuff.

x4 is great, but the price of less gems is really rubbing people the wrong way. Our top 10 guild lost people over it too. It’s really just a few things destroying the game:

1.skull fall (or skull f*ck as some of us call it) where the skulls seem to fall so much, giving psion magic skull matches from the sky.
2.mana generation set to make player mana generators backfire. Many of us theorize it’s to break some teams that were doing too well. It just feels unfair, whether that’s player bias or not that the AI doesn’t even seem to need a mana generator and when they have one it loops while player ones backfire. I’ve seen nyx backfire when generating 20 blues!
3.crazy cascades where famine can fill 24 mana in a turn before a player can fill a 12 mana troop. When famine would take skulls instead of casting, it wasn’t a problem. It felt like there was strategy around feeding the AI skulls. Now that’s gone.
4.taking away gems made a lot of people angry, especially VIP players because now it’s much more difficult to get the all important VIP keys we invested money to gain access to.
5. crashes for those affected.

Soulfourge, dungeons and the awesome x4 are all great features. Perhaps a focus on quality of life stuff would make a huge difference, well above adding new cities (which I really want) or new features.

The devs in this game are the most responsive I’ve ever seen, but coding can be a challenge and stuff doesn’t always work as intended. A lot of this stuff you’ll only find in production. There are just too many code paths possible.


I loved this update, so no, never revert it back ever.

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You know what they say. “Brown stuff rolls down hill”.

Oh, you think I’m making it all up?

Check the posts here in the game Forum.
Now check the Steam ratings for the game. (plunging since the update)
Now check the Apple Store ratings. (the same)

My apologies for not thinking of you (and Eika) when I wrote the post. The 2nd sentence should begin Almost everyone is angry…

Happy now? :roll_eyes:


Rofl. Not saying you’re making anything up. Just saying you’re making tremendous generalizations and presuming to speak for an awful lot of people with your statements. You’re also basing your statements on faulty assumptions and observations of very tiny sample sizes.

If by “almost everyone” you mean the fewer than 100 unique very vocal complainers on the forums out of the 10s of thousands of people still actively playing the game every day since the updates then I don’t think “almost everyone” means what you think it means.

As for all the plummeting ratings, I again counter that those ratings are from a rather small portion of the player base. It’s proven science that people are much more likely to rate something poorly when upset than they are to rate it well when they’re happy. Hell, I haven’t rated the game because I don’t appreciate having my personal information visable and there’s no way to remove that.

I’m fairly active in game and I’m ranked lower than 30k on the PvP ladder and I’m pretty happy playing still. I hypothesize that either 30k other players above me are at least happy enough to continue playing the game very actively or the game is as addictive as nicotine and people just can’t control themselves. In which case they at very least don’t hate the game enough to seek the help necessary to quit.

Whichever case, your statements are still exaggerations and projections of your own feelings on a significant portion of the player base which actually doesn’t share those feelings. Had your statements been “I don’t like this”, “I think that”, etc. Then there’s nothing to refute. Making outrageous claims speaking for everyone else, well that’s just not kosher.

According to your sky-is-falling predictions the game will be deserted in a couple weeks at which point I’ll admit you were right and eat my hat. I’m not anticipating having to do that :smile:

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I wasn’t “speaking for” anyone, it’s just what I see happening. Here in the forums. In my Guild. On the iTunes Store and in Steam.

Maybe you’re right and all the angst will pass. I hope you’re right. But the length and tendentiousness of your above reply indicates to me that you’re just whistling past the graveyard. YMMV.

I’m just tired of seeing the negativity toward every decision and direction the game goes in that a relatively small portion of the community continues to spread. So I try to appointed dispel & debunk such rubbish whenever I have some time to.

I’m not always thrilled with every change made but GoW as a whole is still a fantastic game that everyone here sinks more time into than they probably should, and for a fraction of the cost than nearly any other form of entertainment available.

People unhappy with where things are going are entitled to say their piece as part of the community, because how else would the devs get feedback? But don’t try to blow up 8the severity of issues by claiming “everyone”, “most”, “tons of people”, etc. State YOUR opinion/feelings with a constructive solution. Leave the observation bias out of it.

5 people quitting your guild is not a basis to state lots of people hate the updates or GW or reduction of gems when there are 10s of thousands of players. 150 posts in a single thread by 8 different people repeatedly ranting doesn’t represent the majority of players by a long shot even though all those posts make it feel like half the community is venting.


While true, try to also bear in mind that even though a small percentage of the playerbase visit the forums, people have other means of communicating outside the forums. A lot of guilds have a Discord server, a lot of people use social media, etc. If ONE person each from 30 different guilds visits the forums, and they tell their guilds, that’s 900 people that are “in the know” and could be spreading their opinions as well via other methods.

I’m not discounting what you are expressing, but I am asking you to consider the fact that the forums are not the only outlet, and the term “lots of people” can be quite accurate. I doubt it was “8 different people” complaining that got part of the gem nerf undone, for example.