Is it just me or

do others have problems with buttons actually activating their effect when they have been pushed?

This is on Unity on Steam/PC.

I checked here:

Its not listed.

I find quite often that when I click a button it depresses but nothing actually happens other then the button depress graphics. Upon next push it works normally. Its not every button every time, its intermittent but does happen quite often.


All. The. Time.

Was quite annoying buying 40 of the glory packs for each troop having to click 2-3 times each cycle, breaks the rhythm and you lose track of how many you’ve bought.

Some buttons also have edge issues where you can click on the edge, watch the push in / pop out animation, and yet it doesn’t actually trigger, and do so as many times as you want.


hah, thought my mouse battery being low was the problem, I am not crazy, I am not crazy…


Crumbs in your keyboard?



I believe there has been a bug reported about this back when I started though I must say it’s gotten much worse in the Unity push.

It is a bug, not a feature. Something’s not triggering the action or detecting that the button has been pressed.

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Hopefully @Saltypatra will acknowledge this thread and move it over to known issues.

Nah its supposed to be like a fidget cube

You mean an aggravation cube?

I guess its a matter of perspective

I’ll do a known issues update tonight.


How about the constant bonestorm spam? I am being hit by skulls 10x more than usual. AI matches 3? Skulls fall and hit…AI is now killing Gorgotha, the respawned Ancient Horror and my 2nd troop in a few turns…

I’m still seeing this. It vexes me. Its not totally obvious, but when it happens… argh.

@Saltypatra it seams that this did not get onto the list.

It’s on there. :slight_smile:

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I will make an announcement this week regarding the winner. :slight_smile:


Sorry my bad i posted in wrong thread but ty for answer :slight_smile: