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Is GOW a successful game?

I’m a fan of this game for a long time and I don’t regret any penny I invested during the years…
I wonder…
Is GOW an economic successful game?
Do the Devs drive big cars or is it a “close on the edge, we do it mostly for fun”-game?
Do the Devs have a lot of side-projects for their living?
Are they going to expand and hire more people?
Does this game have a high reputation compared with all the other Mega Games available?

I never saw Devs so close to the community of a game and hope they will make it through the rough market.
Maybe I can hint the answers by myself because the Devs said they smile at the clones available of GOW…:wink:

Feel free to add some thoughts :grinning:


I definitely believe that with @Sirrian at the helm, and particularly when gamers realize that he is the mind behind Puzzle Quest, it gives Gems of War a pedigree that not many match-3 titles enjoy.

As for “rich”… they are clearly making enough to hire additional social media help, 3 in the last year if my memory is working correctly. But true “riches” lie in making :moneybag: doing what you love. And if they are accomplishing that, then their modest furnishings can very well feel like mansions. :wink:

(Full Disclosure: I in no way have any knowledge of any of their furnishings, I was making a general comment about life. :wink: )


I sincerely doubt you’ll get much of a response from anyone that works for GoW here they are very tight lipped about how many people play and the how things are going in my experience. I tried to figure out roughly how many people are playing on each platform and it was near impossible to get any information at all other than some generalities like “Mobile is our largest user base and is more than PC and consoles combined and consoles combined more or less equal PC user base not including mobile” type of responses).

I went through their parent companies stock information and it’s pretty sparse as well. They are profitable from a stock perspective but I think I’d have to buy a considerable amount of stock in the company to get any of the detailed information and I just don’t care enough to do that (or think it would be a wise investment compared to where I have and currently put my money for those types of things). I run a few companies so I don’t usually equate hiring more people as always a good sign sometimes it’s a “last ditch” effort to turn things around before the door closes. That said I have no idea which is may be for GoW I hope they are doing very well and continue to do so as I have invested a lot of time and money into this game.

I’d love to see a response from Sirrian or Nim but don’t hold your breathe or expect the canned “we are growing” , “things are good” type of stuff you’d expect from any company even one in flames about to declare chapter 11 lol



It’s still going and growing after three years so I’d assume the indicators are good. Publishers are pretty quick to wind stuff down if they aren’t profitable…


That depends what you base success on. These devs are the kind of devs every gamer wants working on their favorite game. I honestly don’t think that they’re motivated by profit, but instead by their fans, and their desire to create a genuinely good game.

And… I’d call that successful. I don’t know the monetary earnings, or what their payroll is like, but I would definitely call this game a success, as it meets their goal to have an enjoyable product and entertain their players.


Yeah, i believe Sirrian and the team are very aware of how some informations tend to rise even the most absurd implications sometimes.

I would guage the success of the game by the amount of new content which is coming out. From what has been announced, the new content planned for 2018 is massive. The investment needed for the new content suggests that the financials are healthy. I would only start getting worried if we go a year with no changes and all we see are the weekly troops and monthly legendaries/mythics.


Hey folks,
(and thanks for some of the kind words above)

So, yeah - I’m not at liberty to discuss any hard numbers about players or revenue (that is all protected information under NDA with our publisher… though the infographic we shared last year had some tidbits in it Gems of War in 2016 - more infographics coming this year, I hope!)

We’ve been able to steadily grow the full-time team from 4 to almost 20, as well as supporting the publishing operations for the game at 505 Games. Gems of War has steadily grown its playerbase during that time too -
and it continues to get bigger little by little.

We’re obviously not Puzzle and Dragons, or Clash of Clans, or Hearthstone! There are plenty of games above us in the revenue lists, but our goal has always been for longevity, not quick revenue. Most of us catch the train to work, or ride our bikes - no Ferraris here unfortunately! But I think there’s a pretty good future for the game, and many years of features & content to come too, based on our current trajectory.

Successful? We’re doing what we set out to do, and the income supports us, so yeah… successful enough to keep the lights and servers on (and pizzas on the table) for a goodly number of years I hope!


That’s a shame :frowning:
And I was sitting here fantasizing Luther in a lambo lol

Thank you guys for providing a game that brought so much joy in many people’s lives.


What? No Emu Riders in the office? :open_mouth:
Australians are not really living up to my expectations… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I thought they rode in the pouches of giant kangaroos…


I can name my bike Emu for you if you want?

I am one of the two who ride bikes to the office! @Ozball is the other. It’s so good and you have heaps of money hehe. And exercise! :biking_woman:

Personally I think Gems of War fulfils the longevity goal very well and while we aren’t Hearthstone we are successful in many areas and I feel very stable working for Sirrian and Infinity Plus Two. It’s an experienced development team and I’m proud to be apart of it. Thanks for your kind words regarding our development attitude to the game. :slight_smile:


Oi, oi, someone remember to tag me in any infographic posts. Those are really nice to read, and I’m afraid I might miss them.

I don’t really play any more, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving the game or the dev team. I really want the best to come of this, and seeing its success is a wonderful feeling!

For the love of Gard, don’t be Hearthstone. Ever. Too much power creep, consumer unfriendly practice, and general overall moneygrabbing. You guys are great where you are, and saying that you’re not Hearthstone is like saying that you’re not Electronic Arts.

You’re not them. You’re BETTER! You guys have heart, soul, and care about your players and community! Stay awesome, you guys. Or I will find you, and I will sic an emu loose in your offices.


I played it until i crafted my Golden Hogger to use with Hogger’s card back…
Still wondering if they will eventually add Hogger in Heroes of the Storm which i play casually with A.I allies and enemies because it’s nearly impossible to have fun with real people.

I couldn’t agree more. :sparkling_heart:

Yes! And it needs a cerimony to celebrate, at the new office! :heart_eyes:


Look if that new emu is technically going to be a new bike if I’m renaming my bike like @Ivar suggests then I’m down :raised_hand:

I really want a road bike… Emus are quite fast, and so are road bikes… maybe this will be a thing :thinking:


This is one of the loveliest threads I have read in a long time and it warms my salty little community manager heart.

Yes! We are doing well. We have expanded as @Sirrian said above and always aiming to bring you bigger and better things. Like @Cyrup I feel very stable in my job and am overwhelmingly grateful to work for such a talented, caring and dedicated team. Working with 505 is also amazing and having such a supportive publisher goes a long way to making our plans for Gems of War a reality.

I hope that we can all continue to play for many years to come!


I know you cant post hard figures, but in terms of number of players how much has the game grow?

I hope its a lot, me personally have recommended it to 5 friends and 2 of them end up buying the death knight armour.

You have here a special little game that hit a sweet spot for us gamers, i hope with all the new features that come in the future my son will be playing as well

I managed to spread my addiction onto my housemate now we both have no lives and just play this game a ridiculous amount.

I noticed it’s never in the iTunes list, recommendations or such. You need to specifically search for it.
I take it they ask too much for better advertising

@svechen Game development can get rough that’s for sure. It also has a lot of advantages as I’m sure you know already. As for popular or high reputation and economically successful, I’d say it does very well for itself, so in my view I would say yes. Not to the point of course that they have Ferrari’s but getting your foot in the door in a small game company is a great way to expand your future. If not expand into the future with a company that grows to match. So as others have stated I look forward to seeing them through the years.

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