[Investigating] Unknown Error message during Adventure Board battle

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 11

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
An error message was displayed on screen in between winning the battle and the Victory screen. I do not know what caused the error message or what it refers to.
The particular battle was Search for Gold 1 Battle 3.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
So far just the one time. In today’s Adventure Board, Search for Gold 1 Battle 3.

Steps to make it happen again

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Connection error it was
On yours or server side


Thanks. How could you tell?
I’ve had connection errors before, but they displayed a different message.
In this instance, aside from that Unknown Error popup, there was no interruption to the game.

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Hello :slight_smile:

In order to investigate:

  • Please provide your Invite Code
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Thanks @Bramble. It’s MELISENDE_X4XT

I haven’t had any similar error messages since; I think it only happened the one time.
If other players are not experiencing the same, I’m happy for the issue to be closed. It’s perhaps not worth investigating a single instance of an unknown error, especially as it did not impact gameplay beyond appearing on the screen. :slight_smile:

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I just had the same error after completing another Adventure Board battle.
This time it was the Runes of Magic III Battle 2.
No connection problems or other interruptions to the game were observed. The error simply displayed between completing the battle and the victory screen.

I’m logging this here in case it continues to happen and a pattern can be established. (I’m not expecting this issue to be investigated if I’m the only player impacted.)

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As said above, this is a connection error.

This happens to me all the time if my internet signal slows or connects to a different network. Connection isssues on the server side would be unobservable for you as a player.

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How do you know it’s a connection error? It looks like a placeholder error. (I mean, why would it display “Unknown Error” if the cause was known by the game?)

I receive a different error message when I have a connection problem.
It doesn’t feel like a connection error because the game is not interrupted (beyond the error displaying on screen)

So far I have only had it occur during Adventure Board battles.

It happens to me when i am having connection issues

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But if it’s a placeholder error, it could occur for multiple reasons.
I would assume it’s the last option in an ‘if else’ loop i.e. the game tries to catch and handle a range of specified errors, and when it’s exhausted all the known errors, it throws ‘Unknown Error’.

So it might happen for you when you have a connection error, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a connection error.

It doesn’t seem to be a standard connection error, you get some spinning gems and some server can’t be reached message for that. It showed up roughly a year ago, I made a bug report about it back then.

It feels like I get the “Unknown Error” more often (or possibly even only) when connected to an active global chat, meaning 001. Wild guess, the client is trying to fetch some chat information after battles on top of reporting the battle results, then fails due to having been disconnected from the chat channel. Since the game related communication went through it doesn’t have a proper way to react.

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It does happen to me with connection errors though. Especially if i leave a wifi signal for my data signal

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I get this every day, multiple times. But it’s not really a worry as Oking it moves the game on and there’s no restart, crash, etc. So I never looked into it.

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I get this multiple times a day also, Win10/Steam. Hardline fibre connection.

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