[Investigating] Developers haven't fixed the Queen Ash bug for over a year

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Just a friendly reminder that you haven’t fixed the Queen Ash bug for over a year.
Edit: I’ve added a video in avif.
I’ll explain why I started this topic. I lost the PVP battle. Of my four troops, Queen Ash remained. The opponent only has the main character left. Queen Ash helplessly created elemental stars and did no damage to the opponent. Of course it’s frustrating. I think it’s counter-intuitive that Queen Ash can defeat three opponents but can’t damage the fourth. The spell description says that Queen Ash deals damage to the second last enemy. This doesn’t mean Queen Ash can’t deal damage if there’s only one enemy left. Queen Ash should damage the second last enemy, if there is anyone to choose from, that is, if there are several enemies. If the enemy is only one, Queen Ash should deal damage to it. I hope the developers will fix this.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Start PVP. Kill three enemies. When there is only one enemy left, use spell of the Queen Ash. No damage…

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report.

While the development team investigates this issue, please provide any screencaptures or recorded video footage of this issue.

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Define “bug”. The troop works exactly as described in the spell. As was pointed out a year ago, it’s badly designed, but there’s nothing that counts as a bug.
It’s supposed to hit the “second last” enemy, meaning if there isn’t at least 2 enemies, it can’t hit anything.
I’m all for improving the spell, but this is more feedback than bug report.


I’d say that’s a good enough reason


The Reaching weapon trait works the same way. Are we going to change the coding of those 18 weapons now too? Seems like a Pebkac problem.

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Oh, so much neglect. Usually, narrow-minded people treat others with disdain. Regarding the bug. The developers admitted that this is a bug. So, it would be nice to fix this bug. More than a year has already passed.

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The devs also said the Maze Banner was correct with its +2 +2 -1, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything they say. :person_shrugging:t2:


Hello :slight_smile:

Please keep this thread civil.

Please also note that arguing amongst ourselves, derailing from the original topic at hand and insulting one another won’t help the original bug report.

Again, if you have any recorded video footage of this issue it would be greatly appreciated for investigation and replication purposes.


While I don’t consider it a bug, I think the Queen deserves a buff, where she does do damage in a one v one battle. Its more fun than trying to eke out a win in a long skull battle.

Lol, the argumentation of the op briefly made me forget where I was on the side of the issue. Queen Ash deserves a small buff!

Hello) Thanks for the information. Will this fine if I record a video on my mobile phone? I don’t guarantee quality )

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Hello :slight_smile:

Yes that is fine!

My bug post about this got removed, so I’m adding my video evidence here:


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