Invasions and raids more or less the same

Title says it all. Am I missing something it appears they are basically a carbon copy just forcing different teams for the player to use as the attack team being the primary difference…

Costs for tiers, sigils etc. all seem identical… seems very much another pay to win - poor reward structure same as the raids. Guess they didn’t have time to make any changes from all the suggestions made for the raid content…


100% #truth

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Two new modes that are identical, seems very lazy, incredibly even.


Yeah, I’m out.

Level 1150, VIP 14, goodbye.


Similar but not the same.

Boss: damage is calculated towards guild goal.
Tower: destruction is calculated towards goal.

Also, there are different towers, and 2 per fight.

But yes, down the line, still very similar


I think it would have been better to release 1 event (Raid Boss or Invasion) and not release two that are the same. Seems like down the road when they want to create another sub-game (treasure hunt, guild wars, dungeon, Raid, Invasion, Vault, Bounty, (bet I’m missing some)) they will just remove one of them or stack another thing on top. Personally I think this game is getting way to many distractions (sub-games).


I find Invasion more disappointing that raid…and that’s saying something.

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Should just keep one mode and drop the other down to a personal mini game scale.

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Well I played enough to beat 80 towers … so far it’s pretty dull I find it even easier than the ‘raid’ but it will also be a pay to win mode with sigils etc…

Disappointing overall but I still applaud the Dev team for trying something new but I feel they’ve missed the mark releasing 2 game modes that are so similar back to back

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This one is way easier, with only tier 4 at shop I won all my fights (now at 3/65 last stage)
With 6 more days and no Valraven, that means i’ll Cap at 27/65 and give 96 more towers to guild.

Not sure what is the single reward for last stage, but getting 38 more sigils is way too costly.

The event suffers from a complete absence of strategy: towers are immune to everything, so using the Siegebreaker is the only strategy, boring.

It may be harder on futur weeks when the Hero can’t be a Warden protected by FG.


Nailed it.

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Actually no, they aren’t immune to everything,

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It is hard to imagine who enjoys these new modes, they are not guild related, and they are extremely basic. There is minimal strategy involved and negative resources.

At least GW encouraged group thinking, even if we faced meta defence every day.

Considering how Raid and Invasion are identical I think GW should be ran every second week more than ever.


I’ll bite, what have you found?

So from what i’m hearing, no valraven after a certain point? That’s some dirty, money grubbing bs. I haven’t even started my fights and already there’s a bitter taste.


I enjoyed Invasion more than Raid Boss for this week, even though it was like 20 battles for negligible rewards. It’s because there are so many more troops to build a team from compared to Shentang raid. This wont always be the case. Certain Kingdoms and Troop-Types will have very poor synergy teams to use in guild battles. Im not against the game incentivising people to buy gems per se because the game needs to make money, but it feels like a gem paywall again :neutral_face:


At least they give us individual gem rewards for each stage, at least the first three i’ll find out the rest as i go. It’s not a lot but it’s better than nothing, ok incentive. I definitely like this better than raids because there’s a little variety with the different towers. I never thought the day would come when i’d actually use bunni’nog and be happy i traited him.

After the 6th stage you get an individual Orb

I believe there are some rose colored glasses being worn.

  1. Wait for the GW rewards to be completely devastated when put through the “Gem Value” grinder.
  2. GW is not that hard or interesting, and at this stage and doesn’t require tons of interaction.
  3. At least the developers tried something new implementing different modes, the GUILD rewards are missing from both of the new modes and hopefully a buff can be approved.

The fact that rewards haven’t been changed 10 minutes after Invasion was released doesn’t mean anything yet…


Nailed it. I get that people are frustrated and what not, but it has been a week. It’s not like the devs can just wave a wand and everything is fixed. I am sure they left Invasion the same way it was built to get more feedback. Of course it is a bummer that Invasion and Raid are the same thing (more or less), but I have faith the devs will work on fixing what is broke, and hopefully listen to the criticism. However, I am realistic and don’t expect them to change it overnight.

Patience is a virtue people. If you want to leave the game, go right ahead. However, I have a feeling if you give it a little time, the modes will improve. I would hate to see long-lasting players leave because of one bad new mode, especially a week after it is released. You have invested this much time (and money in some cases) into the game; at least give them a month to tweak it!