Invasion Speculation

I’m high on life, dude.

But seriously, I see gnomes all the time in explore. I’m not keeping detailed stats but probably in the range of 2-5% of matches. Saw a couple in PVP, as well. It sounds like you’re having some bad luck. Sorry about that.


I agree, I’ve been on pvp and seen I think 5 out 40 or so matches, but, I did buy tier 7 twice, maybe the tiers increase the gnome rates, idk.


I’m wondering if the amount of time on decreases rates. I saw 3 earlier, but in the past 3 hours none. I’ve been in pvp too many hours today crazy theory or not.

Thanks for posting what i came to post.

It’ll cost gems… more gems than you want to spend… but mark my words… It’ll cost you gems.

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The patchnote is enough clear…

  • Shop would be similar
  • Rewards would be similar
  • Boss Damage → number of Tower destroyed
  • Kingdom troops → Troop Type troops
  • no Boss who can one-shot whatever troops but up to 4 mini-boss
  • so the goal is not to rush one troop (i.e. Boss) but to kill the 4 troops (AoE could be nicer there, DB farming?)

My remaining questions are:

  • what the difference between Stage 6 and Stage 7 (it seems to be difficulty…)?
  • could every Stage can be done unlimitedly?
  • if no, is there a limited number of battles?

Troop Type for the first invasion will be

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haha… Invasion will be identical to Raid… just troop type instead of kingdom troop…


As others have stated Invasion will most likely end up like Raids. In that it’ll just be another heavy pay to win mode. I’ll eat my sock if it actually ends up being something other than a pay to win mode. Butttttt I’m pretty sure my sock is safe from being gnawed.

People are abusing “pay to win” so badly it needs to go on Maury or Jerry Springer.

Yes, if you want to pay to win the leaderboards, more power to you! The devs explicitly said the leaderboard was an afterthought, and the rewards were small. If the idea of small rewards is tempting enough for you to spend waaaay too much gems/$/€/£/¥/₩, go for it! But don’t be surprised if the feature works as advertised: you will spend far more gems getting on the leaderboard than you will earn from your placement.

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I don’t know what or how they will do it but I sure hope it’s different enough from the Raid that it adds some much needed variety. I also hope the rewards are better than the raid as far as time invested in matches and the measly rewards we get for these hard boss battles in the later portals (hopefully they take all the forum posts to this end and apply some changes to the invasion if they haven’t already). I’m excited about something new to do in game and as long as the “gems” are optional spends like they are in the raid I don’t care if it’s pay to win on a leader board that means nothing every 3 weeks.


Preeeetty sure these’ll be the resource gain.


Invasion will break the game and suck even harder than raid b/c the dev team SUCKS

Says the user who joined the forum two whole days ago.

Clearly, opinions and moods differ between people who have played the game for 1118 days, and those who joined the forums less than a week ago.

So this is what it’s like to be old and watch kids these days running around like the world is about to end.


Ok so I was thinking about invasions last night and during the new preview on raids Sirrian says a small tid bit about invasions something to the effect that you will have to use (all*) the troops for that kingdom. (*not sure if he said all but he may have either way I’m guessing it will be all for my speculation)

With that in mind here is my guess.

You will have to use all of the troops of that kingdom (plus) hero in some fashion (I’m assuming they let you build the team but I think it would be interesting if they actually gave you random teams made up from the kingdom although the uproar would probably be to great from players).

The end goal will be to have used all of the troops from your kingdom to defeat all of the troops (plus these defence towers which I assume will be a modified troop like a dwarven gate) by the end of each “invasion”

I hope it’s awesome what ever it is :slight_smile:


I do not consider 2-5% in anyway shape or form to be “all the time”

That’s 5 times out of 100, STD’s have a higher hit rate than that and I would certainly not say I run into people who have STD’s ALL THE TIME

Well, it’s not like STD-carriers wear armbands to identify themselves or anything, so maybe that’s not the best example.

In any case, let me clarify: by “all the time”, I mean that I’ve seen multiple gnomes in every play-session I’ve had since they were released. I’ve had a drought or two of 30 to 40 battles (and others have certainly experienced worse luck with some lengthy no-gnome runs), but I certainly don’t feel like they are absent from the game.

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You just described raids.
Invades will make you use troops of a certain type, the first invasion will be Beast Type

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Was in global earlier tonight. She couldn’t confirm that invades will have the same tier system as raids.
But did state that feedback from this week’s raids probably won’t effect any changes to Invades for next week. Too short of a turn around. I didn’t SS her statement so I can’t quote her verbatim.