Invasion - How far u came without spending gems?


is it possible without losing and spending any gems to make progress?
i’ve got only 4 sigils from 2 birds in all the battles?


It looks like you are making fairly good progress without spending any gems. I bought up to tier 2 and just got into stage 8 today. I won’t be able to complete it without buying up to at least tier 4 in the shop since there are 65 battles in Stage 8.

I’m getting sigils in about 1 in every 4 battles. I got a bunch the first day when I used all the sigils that I bought in the store and in each subsequent day I got sigils either once or twice. I think it is just luck.


Without spending gems you have 28 free sigils to use during Invasions. Based on that number you should see at least 7 Valravens. Which bumps up your total to 42 so long as you win every battle and none of the Valravens run away.
Based on that sigils estimate you’ll be able to get to Stage 8 level 2 before the end of Invasions have. No where near enough Towers defeated to appear on the Leaderboards.

Looks like you individually are ahead in the math though. So the Valravens must be dropping more than I thought. Or you start with more than 4 sigils at the start of the week.


I checked my starting sigils before i went to the store and I had 4 on Monday.

Also, you’ll have a chance of getting sigils from the bonus battles that you get from earned sigils, so 28 free daily sigils, plus 14 more from Valravens, plus another 7 from those Valravens, plus another 3-4 from those Valravens (assuming the 25% odds hold). I think I did the math right there…


Good catch! Didn’t consider that.


It depends on your luck with Valravens. I bought the first 2 tiers in the shop, so I had 5 sigils more than you, but I’m only 3 battles ahead. At least one of the Valravens I killed didn’t give me any sigils, I wasn’t paying attention with the others.


Yeah exactly. With 28 free sigils, you should in average be able to do 56 battles (if you consider that Valraven appears 25% and if you kill all Valraven).

To make it simple, just have to multiply by 2 your initial number of sigils to get an estimation of how many battles you could do.


This week, Valravens were bugged. First they didn’t appear in Stage 8, then they stopped appearing in earlier stages. Hopefully, it’s now fixed, but total sigils per Tier is going to vary this week depending on when each player played their matches.


But hey we all got this. So this makes up for the 6 Valravens (12 sigils) that I missed out on… all better right? Despite others that didn’t do any stage 8 battles getting the exact same rewards.

Support is getting less supportive by the minute. Bugs never bothered me before. But that was when if you lost resources due to a bug. The devs would make up for it and then some. Lately, instead of relief from their ticket responses. I find myself even more frustrated than before.


Out of my four fights today I gained four sigils, not a bad run today.


Me too. My guess is that the Valraven chance-evening formula is working in our favour given we missed ravens on previous days due to the bugs.


As of today’s reset, I have managed to make it to Stage 8 1/65 without any shop purchases. Will post where I stop after the week is over.


losing the last fight against a bugged team :frowning:


that is my result without spending any gems

i mean i lose 2 fights, max 3 overall

maybe better in english, but i’m sure you all are clever :grinning:


I ended the week here. I was using the Black Beast - Mang deck and struggled against the times when the AI drew 2 Bastion Towers.