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Invasion (Bright Forest)

Hi everyone, it’s new invasion event, let’s share some team idea

For this week i will start with this team and might adjust when it get harder

Mountain crusher
Queen titania

Just running hero(dawnstone)/glitterclaw/green seer/yasmine until it stops working.


What class/es are you guys using?

Titan for the 50% mana start
Mech also can work well with removing barrier

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Try using Mab instead of Skadi. Skadi’s blue storm interferes with titan’s brown storm. Mountain crusher works much better when game starts with brown storm. (Titan class) Skadi ruins it.

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Thanks i will try it i was using skadi only for summon but didin’t need it yet

I’m using:

Mang (Archer)
Old Man
Green/Red banner

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old man
green seer
dawnbringer (bard class)
suncrest Banner

Just use Old Man Oakroot x4. EZ game EZ life! lol

Joking aside, Fey is such a big troop type that there are endless team options that should work. All the Seasonal Fey Mythics/Legandary are great, as they all got strong damage, extra turn potential or nice summon.

Rowanne/Sylph are ridiculously good at early level. Both Giltterclaw and Banshee are good converting supports, but Green Seer are the best. Vodyanoi could have nice duel with Blue tower. Aurai could also work to make the match faster. But most of all, Wisp’s charming might have as much potential as last week’s Faunessa. (Could tower be charmed? Yes, it could!)

Also, don’t forget, Earth’s Fury will always be the best hero weapon for every Invasion.


Yes, towers can be charmed! I myself used that today.
Also, spells that rearrange troop order (Skadi, for example) work on towers.
Thirdly, towers can be mana burned (just like Zuul’goth).

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I have to disagree here i really like mountain crusher for this event he help to refil everyone quicker


Glitterclaw (or Green Seer if 2nd Omo)
Wisp (swap suna/2nd omo)
Summer Banner

Hero is archer just because haven’t changed it, 50% mana start is ok.

Wisp nice to remove barriers and use the blue tower vs towers if you get a good random charm.

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That’s true, but both Raid/Invasion are heavily more skull-base, so casting often is not important, as casting Earth’s Fury once is usually enough to win the match, by attack-buffed Siegebreaker. Pre-Earth’s Fury, my favorite weapon is Uskayan Hammer and Anvil of Might, both supporting Siegebreaker.

This week is kinda unique though, as Old Man Oakroot is able to one-shot every tower even after level 110+, so casting him often is very nice, but still, matching 3-skull once also does the same.

I type that team advice before playing, now just finished using all my Tier 6 sigils with perfect record. Oh my, I grossly underestimate Wisp! Its spell of 4-line goodness make it the best non-hero non-Siegebreaker Invasion troop ever!!

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Yeah the invasion are more touchy with the barrier that’s why i said skull not always best solution

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Slapped this together and have not lost yet, now on lvl 99

Old Man
Hero Sorcerer with new Trickster Shot

It just work.
Useful sorcerer trait is the 1 damage on purple match, really help with barriers

That’s when Wisp come in handy this week with Dispel. But most of the time in all Invasion week, my matches usually ended less than a minute, with none of the towers unable to cast even once, so Barriers are not much of a problem for me.

I’ve started with:
Mang (Titan class)
Green seer
(Song banner)

It’s a work in progress but working well enough at the moment. Merely fill and cast seer, then spam yasmine :+1:

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Here’s my team:
Hero w/ mang and Warden class
Old Man Oakroot
Queen Mab

Its frustrating trying to build against towers. First thing I did was throw on all the mythics in reach and then immediately I realized that none of them actually function properly - if at all - vs towers.

Plague doesn’t inflict Disease/Poison.
Yasmine doesn’t Entangle.
Skadi and Mab don’t freeze, though manaburn works I think (it did vs Zuul).
Suna and Titania don’t Faerie Fire.

And there’s a mountain of others that want to silence, freeze, mana drain, etc. Seems Fey is loaded with nice things that we can’t use here.

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Yeah unfortunately, Fey are the magicians of Krystara. Most of them are great support troops or support themselves with status effects (like Yasmine).
I use
Earth’s Fury (Titan)
Green Seer
FoT banner
though many said Mang/Earth’s Fury isn’t needed, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Boosting all troops damage output in case the two Oaks die, especially as I only have them at epic rarity.

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