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Insane/super fast team for PVP

Fell free to post yours too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s see how much time it will take for devs to nerf this team…

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I tried it a few times… I like my dragon team a bit more then this… but this is a decent team for sure.

Dragon Team:

Thanls i am gomma try that tean!

tried 3 games with it so far won once lost twice but you know…the game hates me so theres that xD

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Nice cynicism there…

I can’t see any reason why any of those troops needs a nerf… Kraken is at the higher end of the powercreepcurve but not screaming out for any nerfbat treatment…


I’d suggest some tweaks… Put Dragon Soul in third place to protect him from EK drain effect (I am assuming given the banner that like me you aim to fill him first…)… Also Sheggra doesn’t fit so well (this is an AoE team, the skull spam doesn’t sync well and relies on there being extra reds…), I’d suggest Venbarak (AoE with Magic Link) or simply a second Nax… Also Sylvanimora is fragile, whereas Nax has Stoneskin (and yes I know he’s a summoner)… and Nax’s spell is way stronger than Sylv’s… so I’d go Nax / Nax / TDS / Sylv as the optimum design…


When someone posted the Crimson Bat/Sacrifice/Elspeth/Hero-Deathknight team we get a nerf of the gem spawner and so on, this team lose now 50% of the time compared to maybe only 10-20%.

My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that players win too often and too fastly and so on, generate too much gold. So the nerf was done not because the troops were too powerful but for “economic” reason. But again it’s only my guess :wink: .

And it seems that this team is quite similar in terms of speed and reliability.

While Sylv is a rather poor tank the entangle that he/she puts up there makes it work and he/she lasts for quite some time.
I dislike putting Krystinax up front as I don’t like it when my summoners die right off as the first troops typically do if/when they die.
I like Sheggra in there because he/she is skull spam and when you have a draakulis that has fed a few times the smackdown from Sheggra is the only thing that keeps you from loosing.

With all that in mind, I will give your team a try and let you know how I feel about it…:slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback @Jainus

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I think this whole post is based on a misconception. Gem spawners were fixed or at least adjusted independently of anyone showing any teams here. Devs have often tinkered with the gem creation algorithm to make it more or less risky. There was a time on PC when gem-spawners were super reliable, like they mostly are on console, and then you could just run Justice and recast the spell without looking at the board until the enemy was gone. Thankfully that phase has gone, though console play is still a bit like that.

Yeah this a guess… and I think this is nonsense. The BatandSac team wasn’t ever deliberately nerfed, and I don’t remember devs ever nerfing a team or troop for being too good at attacking.

Not so sure… I will try it a bit and see how I feel…

I’d kick Sheggra and put another Krys in there. Put one Krys on top because of less dmg from skulls and Dragon Soul on third spot, as you suggested, and Sylv down to last spot.
Krys, Krys, TDS, Sylv
That team’s been suggest in other pvp threads and I love it.

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I tried the Krys, Krys, TDS, Sylvan and it is a good team. Thank you @Jainus for recommending it.

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I’m not thankful of that at all. those probably the most fun i had. but that was a personal preference.

Krys, Krys, TDS, Gard’s is a team I used. It’s essentially the same as the full dragon team but is faster and more mana efficient because it covers all colors. Sylvanimora’s spell is quite weak for its mana cost and the entangle is not that important when you have stoneskin at front, with ability to summon meat shields as well.

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This, pretty much. Players were farming gold too quickly. If you look at the changes that were made, they were made to slow down gameplay. Since you can buy Gold with Gems, earning it too fast is bad juju. ($30 USD for enough Gems to buy 75,000 Gold, by the way. I’ve addressed the absurd cost of Gems in other posts.)

I’d rather gem spawners get unnerfed, the BoneStorm buff gets removed, and be limited to 2X. At least I’d have more options for fun teams to play.

For the record, I don’t blame the Devs for this situation. I blame the suits/bean counters the Devs report to. The Devs are just doing their jobs, no different than a barista who crams as many ice cubes as possible into an iced coffee in order to save the company a few cents on every cup sold. It sucks, but they need to make a living.


Thanks, I have mainly used this deck in PvP since I read this thread.

To take advantage of this weeks Event Bonus (+5 Glory for using Asha in PvP), I exchanged her with one of the Krys, and put her on the bottom: Krys, TDS, Gard’s, Asha

It seems to work well. I’ve now played 20-ish matches without a loss. All 3 Trophies, except a few revenge-matches, and also except one 2*Wisp that I despise and therefore try to chose a lower-trophy match if possible).

To be honest, the “Explore pwner” actually works kinda great against PvP ratings >=9xxx too (I admit you need a little luck though):


All fully traited (Troglodyte trait farming was a pain :sweat_smile: )

I rocketed to 1900 PvP points in like 20min doing the hardest battles.

Wisp, Wisp, Krys, Gard should, theoretically, stock up Gard’s armor even faster due to the low mana costs of the Wisps.
Krys could be replaced with something else. Maybe something else with low mana cost and/or extra turn/mana generator.

I tried it, but casting Wisp over and over takes so much time. The thing is, this team doesn’t actually rely on Gard’s to do damage. 1 cast each of Krystenax, TDS and Gard’s takes care of most teams anyway. It covers all mana nicely, has Stone Skin as front line defense, has Summoning when things get nasty, has mana destruction for those troll teams. You power up your Krystenax while collecting mana for your TDS, Gard’s just fills up by itself after your first casts. In practice, the Wisp, Gard’s team probably took twice the time to win a PvP match.

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