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Exactly this… :rofl:

I think the devs or anyone gets in trouble when they make an issue out of nothing by “assuming” something (negative or positive) about someone or their comment without asking what they mean by it, FIRST. They could have avoided further ‘distrust’ by GoW players if they just applied that simple common sense courtesy. None of us are GOD so lets give people benefit of doubt first then question and confirm. Such a silly thing yet blew up into a ban of someone. SMH. Devs really are easily triggered.

It’s hard to see it as an Extra vault event, extra implies in the normal 6 week pattern we get a 3rd, but now the pattern was shifted so we get 3 in a 10 to 11 week gap, normal is 3 in a 12/13 week gap. You mentioned getting back on schedule after the pushed back Vault to prevent back to back (which was whatever either way to me, but that vault was pushed back 2 weeks, then the next vault scheduled appears to be 6 weeks after that (2 weeks later that it would have appeared with no shift, meanwhile 2 bounty events scheduled in 4 weeks.

The pattern is off, we get it, you get it, but did not ever have to be. Can you see why players feel there was no “extra” event for bans? As one who as wrongfully banned for using Krinkle I’m exceedingly disappointed that this extra vault was promised as compensation but diluted into what appears to be not extra. Please make it make sense…

(I am aware we should not rely on future schedule from “other site” that data mines info from your game. Maybe there is a plan we don’t know yet, but if next vault is still a month away then essentially there was no “extra”. The math and calendar do not support it.


Following 6-week pattern this year’s Vault events should’ve looked something like this:

Jan 13 - for all practical purposes pushed to Feb 10 (and aptly renamed “extra”)
Feb 24 - pushed to Mar 3
Apr 7 - looks to be pushed to Apr 21

Snipping the following from Now In Chests: Kris Krinkle thread

From players’ perspective it is quite clear that we’re roughly on expected normal number and there simply is nothing that players might call or consider as “extra event”.
All this “you had you extra vault event” narrative hinges on the sole supporting point that scheduled January event was never there and we - the players - simply imagined it.
You might have more success pushing this story if you hadn’t been so sloppy and careless and actually removed Vault Weekend Flash Offer that came along with it. Again, for all practical purposes as players see it - it was originally there, it got cancelled leaving us one behind pattern, it got then reinstated as “extra” bringing us back to pattern.

As for me personally, extra vault weekend sounded too good to be true from the get-go (especially, considering generous and kingly compensation that unfairly banned players received [that’s me being sarcastic, by the way]) and I sorts of expected it to fizzle out eventually. Mucking about and around it is the annoying thing.
Just grow a pair and say it to our faces.


great analysis @Dust_Angel

Above truly was a classic. It showed the true intentions.

That’s also what I always said. For once they should just tell the whole truth.


The January one was CANCELLED! It was never going to happen per the devs, due to not wanting issues while they were on holiday

The one in febuary was “extra” as a compensation for the ban issues Krinkle caused

The normal Feb one was pushed to distance itself from the extra one

The next one was supposed to fall on it’s normal cycle and basically be next weekend 3/31or the weekend after 4/7, it’s 2 weeks after this so rather than fall at it’s normal week it appears to have been set to 6ish weeks after the changed date of the second

So basically no matter how it’s sliced no true extra vault. Yes we got 3 in barely under 12 weeks but we normally get 3 within 13 weeks. So again, calling it extra at this point is near a lie


And then they left rogue banbot active for Christmas…

Hmm, that bridge would look darn good on my front lawn!


As one of the first banned for using Krinkle I’m more than aware of that irony. I just want them to justify how we had an EXTRA!? It’s ridiculous


Until today we didn’t even get a proper compensation for the stuff we’ve been taken from, let alone an extra vault. And we’re missing gems, pets and 1000s of trophies from that time. :sob:

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Remember the campaign pass bug? The solution for the ones that paid elite pass was quick with no questions asked.

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Money, money, money…