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Probably best not to feed the troll :wink:


By the way @Kafka the word that made you close an entire thread that was perfectly on topic is what we squeeze bodywash onto and then wash our bodies with in the United States, it’s a common word. When she got banned for that word everybody she knew (as well as myself) had to actually look that up only to realize it’s a thing in only a tiny handful of countries. I was never appealing anything, and you were the one who brought up that specific unjust banning. Kinda unreasonable to expect people who have no clue what these words are to adhere to not saying a “slur” that they don’t know exists when that word is perfectly common and is definitely not a slur where they live don’t you think? Even more unreasonable to actually scroll through someone’s chat history and pick a word like that out to ban them with. If you have to dig that hard just to action somebody then there’s probably an issue with the person who’s issuing these bans. You said you were looking into that situation, but let me guess… the person who lorded over every single ban and appeal said their bans were perfectly fine and justified right?

Still not too late to fix it by the way, or at the very least not destroy her guild because a chat ban cuts off the guild master from the entire guild. That could be reworked to make at least some sense. You aren’t punishing one person here, you’re punishing an entire guild that needs to communicate in order to stay competitive.


Yeah, I know. But it’s also somewhat fun to poke him, not gonna lie. :joy:

Same in Germany. I didn’t even know it was also a slur. It can also be a soundword in comics BTW. Pretty sure most of us have seen the word in that context, surrounded by clouds or smoke.

Did you know that fruitcake can also be a slur? Or that the f slur with 3 letters also means cigarette in England?

That’s why I said that context matters.

Not knowing the context I can’t and won’t comment on this specific case. But in general, looking for words isn’t enough. It is to be considered how the words are used and that many do mean something totally harmless/different in other countries or if used in a different context.


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That’s really all i’m saying here. Not trying to justify or advocate for the usage of the word, just saying that if the person had to look it up to know why they’re getting banned for it… it’s probably safe to say they weren’t saying it in that context and thus didn’t deserve any form of action over it. And also safe to say whoever actioned an account based on a word like that obviously being used out of context needs to relax and not be so sensitive.

I think Kafka misunderstood why I even brought that word up in the first place and that’s what I was trying to clear up. It was because context is everything, it needs to be looked at by several people before action is done. I didn’t bring it up to appeal a ban, didn’t bring it up to beat a dead horse, I brought it up because I don’t think people who don’t understand context (not talking about Kafka here) should be in charge of banning anybody. That’s just basic common sense imo.


Currently ingame data shows next vault event to take place…
Friday, Apr 21, 2023 - Sunday, Apr 23, 2023
…is this correct?

If so…

  • we’re still two weeks behind the broken vault schedule
  • we’re still missing the promised “extra” vault event

Any comments and infos on when the made promises will be fulfilled?
@Kafka @Jeto @Bramble
Maybe do some famous “poking”?


why do they do their playerbase this way? it doesnt take two min to hop on even from home, and say “we know nothing yet”.


Company motto.


Because it’s their best option. If you read between the lines, the current situation looks like this:

The powers in charge consider the issue solved to complete satisfaction of all parties involved. The Customer Experience team is aware that the community sees this differently and would react in quite an unpleasant way if directly told the official stance. They can’t change anything about the situation, just deliver the message and ignite the next shitstorm. So they avoid the topic and make sure the message remains undelivered. When players eventually realize by themselves the horse has died months ago they won’t have enough energy left to complain in a way that can’t be ignored.


Above, a opinion that may be true - especially about the “message delivery system” that ever so often fails completely, even with the famous “poking”.
Another thing could be a mindset of “we don’t care (that much) as long as we get our monthly paycheck anyway” - “a good horse only jumps as high as it has to”, right?
Would explain complete forum absence for multiple days and the selective (not )commenting on certain topics and questionable actions against certain disliked forum users/topics.

If there’s never a plan to realise certain things, then just don’t promise it. Even if you’re a “small wheel” in the machine there’s no need to be complicit by forwarding what could be perceived as lies.
Not saying that they are exactly that. Just to clarify this. :wink:

Maybe it is something else entirely. :slight_smile:
Who knows. I’d certainly like to know, it would possibly make interactions easier.

:surfing_man: :clown_face:


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And the company slogan is: “Broken promises are what we live for.”

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Regarding the Vault events, they’ll be announced in the blogs as usual.

This is off topic for this thread so I’ll just say this. I don’t know where you got the idea we’re just searching for words to ban for without any context because that’s not the case. No one is getting banned for talking about loofahs, they’re getting banned for using slurs in context. Or spamming slurs then claiming it’s a loofah to troll people. If it were actually a conversation about hygeine products no one would bat an eye. But that’s not what anyone banned for using those slurs was talking about.

If you want to discuss the fact you want homophobic slurs and swearing to be allowed in game make a new thread for it but I can tell you now, that’s a “no”.

Uh… you might want to read the reply I said under that where I clearly stated I wasn’t advocating for any insulting words to be used. It’s not a “fact” that I want anything you just said at all, I specifically stated otherwise and it’s right there for you to read. Don’t put disgusting words in my mouth that I didn’t say, thanks.

And it isn’t off topic, it’s specifically about bans. If a person didn’t know that said word was a slur, how can they possibly be using it as one? I know you can’t produce any evidence that they used it in that context so I don’t really get why you’re coming back to the word over and over when the CONTEXT is the actual issue. More specifically banning people based on your team’s inability to grasp CONTEXT is the issue (hence why this is perfectly on topic, and was on topic in the thread about your new rules being used to go way too far).

I really hope you don’t jump to conclusions this fast when you’re doing tickets that determine people’s ability to play the game or use chat. That would be sad because I always thought from chatting with you in xbox global that you were the more approachable and level headed one.


Most English speakers (myself included) don’t know Australian slang.


And noone has to.

but all of that is offtopic. meanwhile my question about the extra vault event got dodged as always. :wink:

…yeah. right.
as if.

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We don’t ban without context. If someone feels they have been banned out of context they can submit a ban appeal for it to be reviewed.

Now I wonder what a loofah is and how safe it would be to look that up at work. :joy:


A loofah is like a scrub you use when taking a shower, but I wouldn’t use that word. I’m saying it sounds like too much of a slang for a woman’s body part.

“Hey wanna play with my loofah? Can I play with your loofah? Let me see your loofah.” :sweat_smile::rofl:

Even if it was ban worthy, something like this needs to be explained because some household names are slurs in other countries.

“Loofahs for sale. I got your fresh loofahs here”. :sweat_smile:

(Yes, I’m silly)

Can’t really blame them if it’s buried in a thread about bans, (how convenient too) but yes.