Information about bans

As nice as that would be that is the epitome of economy breaking.

Just wanted to bump this again as we still have not gotten an answer about vaults. Will they be decreasing in frequency? Will there be an actual compensation vault cause the one on the 17th sure doesn’t feel like one. I appreciate you looking into it @Kafka!


Kafka told us there would be an “extra” vault in January because there wasn’t going to be one originally. So there are 2 days left in January. Where is the vault?

She said “after the kingdom pass ends” which doesn’t end for another week.

So who knows…

she has been about she corrected a post of mine


All of you that frequently post the forum ( you, @Jeto @OminousGMan ) are equally helpful.

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so still no news about this so thought id bump it up

Sorry for how long it took to get confirmation on this:

The Vault event will be held next weekend (weekend of the 11th)


So, is it 2 weekends in a row or only the weekend of the 11th (Super Bowl weekend)?


So you’re saying that I’m not only missing out on 3 days on Christmas 2022 because of the ban, but also on the compensation vault, because I have to work that weekend from Friday to Sunday with 10+ hours each day?! If it had been 4 weeks earlier, I didn’t have to work at all.

Nice to see everyone else getting a vault event. But to me it’s either being punished and missing out on this event too, just like Christmas. Or risking my job for a game …


Thanks so much for the reply, and for the good news! :slight_smile:

Could it be possible to get more specific answer?

Will it be Vault (extra) + Bounty (as per spoilers) on 10-12 and Vault (spoilers) on 17-19
or - Vault (extra, Bounty rescheduled to some other time) on 10-12 and Vault (spoilers) on 17-19
or - Vault on 10-12 and Bounty on 17-19 (currently suggested spoilers simply flipped around, effectively no extra Vault)
or some other variation?


Hi there,

Is it possible for you to make an official news thread about the Vault event? I feel this much needed news is getting lost and cluttered in this thread about bans.



So it’s official… We WERE lied to about this being an extra vault event… Can’t be extra if we never got one in January… The devs need to at least admit they lied about it… They can’t save face by doing so… but they can look less s****y by admitting their faults.


this + answer all the question that followed your announcement in this thread please @Kafka .
not ignore them. not just answer maybe some of them. don’t leave details out.
and actually, if you posted some news, please look at the topic again after ~2h for any follow up questions.
Just write a news when your work day starts and look at the topic again - but not just 1m before clocking out to leave, so you’ll have time for some replies if neccessary. Or send @Bramble or someone else able to provide answers.
Such a simple interaction and planning of a workday is doable. Right?


Uh, it feels like it would be kind of challenging to find a weekend where everybody can play for 72 hours. Yeah, I know, it sucks, my vault weekends somehow always seem to coincide with family visits. I don’t think they picked that weekend to annoy you personally.

It currently looks like there will be two vault weekends right after another, the compensation one followed by a regular one. Which would probably be helpful to communicate prominently in some way. I still believe the community dissatisfaction level would be much lower if we didn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for every bit of useful information.


Will there be, though? 11 February is a Saturday, not a Friday, which is the usual Vault event start day. We had been told we would have Vault in January. This proved to be false info. Then we were told that there will be Vault after Kingdom Pass ends - which would make it 10th February, not 11th. Until an official announcement is made, here on the forums or in the game somewhere, saying that we will have two Vault weekends one after another is just wishful thinking at this point.

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I’m aware that not everyone will be able to play all the vault events. But that weekend was originally scheduled to be a vault event. So I was able to get a rare weekend off. Probably the first time in 6 years with 3 days off on a vault event, because 98% of the year I’m busy on the weekend. After being banned for almost 72 hours on Christmas without fair compensation, that would have been a chance to make up for everything that has happened.


My goodness. There is zero chance in the world no matter when they make the vault event it will make everyone happy. If you have to work then make it an hour or 2 per day. If you want to play a whole day then do what others do. Call in. If you are a valuable employee they wont fire you. If they are looking to can you then ignore that. Trade days with someone. Put in a vacation day. There are a dozen ways to skin a cat lol. If none of that works then just skip it. You will survive.

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Of course I will survive. You just don’t get the point obviously and I’m too busy to explain it to you right now …