Infinite Soul Loop

Hello, @Tacet suggested it might be possible to get infinite souls.

I was able to confirm today, at VIP 10 I can refund my thrall and then sell it down to 0, open a gold chest and get an additional 875 refund from my freshly level 10 thrall.

As this bug requires people having to pay a decent amount of money to you, can you leave it open for a bit so people can enjoy an extra benefit of supporting the game?

Right now I’ve only done the loop once to confirm it.

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Pay to win confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer to think of it as ‘sucking up to the devs by buying their favor’. But whatever works.

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Keep it up for a while? This will be patched within the next ten minutes. Nevertheless, for those curious:

At VIP 8, you would need to do this around 1,140 times to have all necessary souls to max everything.
At VIP 5, around 11,900.

Talk about exploiting…I’m disappointed that such a thing exists for players to do.

It likely won’t survive for long, likely by disallowing you to return to zero instances of a troop type once you own one. I mean, that’s what I’d do, anyway. Honestly I’m a little surprised the game even lets you sell the last instance of a troop you have. I mean, you aren’t allowed to sacrifice all 5/5 you own to Ascend, lest you have none left afterward, right?


I know! That’s really bizarre to me that one is allowed but the other is not.

But isn’t there something odd with the level if you have VIP 10 where your troops don’t automatically jump to 10? So you have to sell it all and then refind the troop if you want it to work?

They would have to fix that in order to make it so you can’t sell all of your troop.

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Since patching this is already going to require at least some change in how the refund button works, maybe it is time to go all the way selling refunds for gems and just giving one away for the affected troops weekly :slight_smile:

I mean, they could also prevent the free levels from coming in after you have owned the troop once, which I believe might have been how it worked at some point in the past already. Although this would again prevent anyone who has bought all the way up to VIP 8 and actually wants to take advantage of the free leveling bonus to do so (since by the time you spend this much money on the game, you have more than likely pulled a good portion of the troops already, and pulling one you don’t currently have is the only way to get the free leveling up to level 10).

In my extraordinarily-humble opinion, I think achieving the associated VIP levels should automatically boost all of your existing troops as well as any you subsequently acquire. Why are those excluded? I assumed they’d be included when I reached the threshold and was unpleasantly surprised that they were exempt.


I’m not even sure how useful this ‘exploit’ is. I mean, anyone who’s vip 10 gets a nice soul bonus from battles anyway, add a proper armor and farm souls with Valkyrie, the rate you get souls won’t be much slower, and no need to waste gold on chests.

On top of everything else, loads of people with mid/high VIP level don’t have a pressing need for souls…

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I know…it really doesn’t make any sense.
That’s why people sell all of their troops and then acquire them again…which, I assume, is how this exploit/bug came up.

They should make it so all of your troops jump to 10 right when you reach that VIP level, and they should make it so you have to have at least one instance of a troop (can’t reach 0).

I think I heard someone that contacted support and they bumped all of their troops to 10 without them having to do the workaround…don’t quote me on that, though. I just remember reading that somewhere here in the forums.

Edit: And to those that say this isn’t useful…what about the people that spend money on the game and are early to mid players? It takes so many souls to get your kingdoms to max level that I find it hard to believe that the majority of mid players has all the required souls. I could very well be wrong, of course.

Refunds are now disabled until we fix the issue
Looks like VERY few people took advantage of it.


Always someone to take advantage…

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”


Since your reaction tells me that you clearly don’t want people doing this, my suggestion would be to have the refund logic check the VIP level and refund down to either level 5 or 10 depending on VIP level.


Does this mean that when they go live again that the refund will be longer?

Or make it so you can’t refund more than once.

I reported this “exploit,” for lack of a better word, quietly a couple months ago. I figured as long as I wasn’t exploiting it, and didn’t make it public, there would be a fix in the works.

It was VERY tempting to abuse the heck out of, but I considered it too unfair, oh, and I didn’t want to risk a ban over some souls.

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This 100%
For someone to reach those levels you have to put a small fortune in this game, and yet they are forced to disenchant to 0 and get a pull from a chest again to take advantage of this.

Honestly, for everything I love about this game, I feel the troop level bonus is implemented poorly and almost insulting to people who have spent so much money on the game.

I actually put in a request/ticket to make all my troops 10 as that is the only way that particular perk is worthwhile and it was refused. I was NOT happy that they wouldn’t do it, seemed like a kick in the teeth to me IMO

Hmm, I asked nicely in a ticket and they granted me a retroactive all troops to level 10, and gave me 10k souls that I might have ‘wasted’ on leveling troops to 10. (I didn’t ask for the souls, just if I could have all my troops at 10) I seem to have had a completely different experience. Did you ask nicely?