Infinite progression concepts

I beat the drum pretty regularly on infinite progression potential, since everyone needs motivation to keep striving, no matter how much they have already achieved. Hard scaling to make end-game progression is important to ensure competitiveness, but the critical goal is to make sure there’s always something exciting left to do. Here are two ideas that could help out with that:

New game+
The Keeper of Souls offers you a bargain, though as with any of his offers, the price is heavy. You must have ALL troops that you own fully leveled, and one million additional souls as well. Accept the Keeper’s bargain, and you lose one million souls, plus all of your troops lose their levels back to 1 (you keep traits, guild & kingdom bonuses, etc.) - but all of your troops gain +1 permanently to all skills. Your name also becomes green in global chat to show off your achievement.

You can do this a total of four times (green, blue, purple, orange - teal is for devs and mythics only), and the price increases each time. 2M souls for the next +1, then 3M, then 4M for the last. Not a permanent solution, of course, but 10M souls is still a ways away for any players.

Foil cards
Every time you pull a card, there is a tiny (1 in 10,000, or even less?) chance that it is a “foil” version of that card, which confers a special bonus. A foil card gains a similar +25% like event week troops and a special chevron indicating the bonus, but the bonus is permanent for that troop. If you are fantastically lucky, you can stack a second foil bonus on the same card - meaning a potential for four bonuses during the card’s event week.

The odds of getting a foil are low, but they would mean that even end-game players would still potentially get something useful and fun even out of gold chests. Base common cards that had been long ignored might become suddenly competitive and usable.

Feedback, suggestions, improvements, and your ideas for infinite progression are welcome!


Just make the foil card have an animated picture for the troop and its spell. Then this way on defence, you can show off really good foil teams.

Nude Game + or nothing

No suggestion, only that this is too much.

What would be more reasonable? The numbers aren’t critical, it’s more about the concepts.

Well the suggestion isn’t bad. Lyya and I were actually talking about something similar on another thread, but the millions of souls are too high. You can’t expect people to re-level all their troops plus save up millions of souls too. So more like 50k-100k extra maybe. Each extra re-level increases 1 skill +1.

I still am not sold that this type of progression will work. It works as a great add-on progression system if you will, or side progression, but not main progression. IMO

Good ideas though XLS. Like where your head is at.

It does work as a soul-sink for endgamers as well, which I like, but at the risk of making them extremely powerful.

To your second idea about foils, I’ve always said foils would be cool in this game. Just not sure how they would work in matches.

Thanks for the input! I’m just looking for ways to keep as many resources valuable as possible for as long as possible, and also to allow people to keep progressing (even if at an incredibly slow pace) because it’s so very necessary for continued motivation.